True or False Trivia Week: The Evil Dead


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

The Evil Dead (1981)

1) At the end of principal shooting in Tennessee, the crew put together a little time capsule package and buried it inside the fire place of the cabin as a memento of the production to whoever found it. The cabin has since been destroyed, but the time capsule was found by a couple of ardent Evil Dead fans who discovered that the fireplace of the cabin was still intact.


Evil Dead cabin today

2) Originally intended as a romantic comedy, the tone of the film changed dramatically when an army of undead raccoons stormed the cabin after smelling the reefer the cast and crew continuously smoked to keep warm in the cold Tennessee night. For hours the frightened filmsters defended themselves against the night raiders and a mysterious woman who called herself the Raccoon Queen. Against the protests of the cast and crew, director Sam Raimi’s brother, Ted, threw fistfuls of marijuana at the ring-tailed bandits to appease them, but the situation was only made worse when the Raccoon Queen decreed their herb to be ditch weed of the lowest order. As a result, the raccoons picked off the cast one by one, biting through their genitals and turning them into demon zombies. This went on for several more hours, until Bruce Campbell destroyed all of the other demonic actors and was the last person standing. At sunrise, the Raccoon Queen and her legion finally retreated into a cloud of green smoke. Miraculously, Sam Raimi had the cameras rolling the entire time, and was able to edit the footage into the classic film we know today. No one ever believed Raimi and Campbell that it was all real, especially since none of the raccoons or their queen showed up on the film after it was processed.




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