Ask Professor Popcorn: Poltergeist Follow-Up


Professor Popcorn would like to thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive response to his first Q&A column. A few of our faithful readers had further questions about the film in the comments section, so after Professor Popcorn was finished with his nightly ritual of burning the hair off of his legs, he sat down at his punch-card computron station to answer them in his own brilliant fashion.



Dear ei,

I was actually there for the filming of that scene, and Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg insisted that Ms. Williams show off her panties, but she refused, so they got so angry they spun the entire set around in a blind rage. Fortunately, cameras and panties were rolling.

Your picture pal,
Professor Popcorn



Dear Erin,

That was “The Beast” as Tangina called it, the ultimate evil demon spirit that controls the ghosts living in the Freeling house and kidnaps Carol Anne. It’s actually the same character as Rev. Kane from Poltergeist II: The Other Side.

The Beast attacks the Freelings because it made a deal with Carol Anne’s parents for some premium smoke in exchange for their daughter, but they tried to trick it by giving it ditch weed instead because they didn’t feel Carol Anne was worth their good stuff.

Your picture pal,
Professor Popcorn



Dear Film Hipster,

That is true, because again, I was there.

Spielberg actually got the idea for that scene during filming of Raiders of the Lost Ark, when he witnessed John Rhys-Davies do the same thing when he was flying high on PCP.

Your picture pal,
Professor Popcorn

Have a burning film question, ANY film, for Professor Popcorn? Ask away in the comments section below or merely think it because HE KNOWS!!

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