Ask Professor Popcorn: Star Wars


Welcome to our newest column where our readers can pose their most puzzling questions about movies to our resident dean of pictures, Professor Popcorn. He is a film scholar and scientist, as well as philanthropist, amateur test pilot, amateur porn star and folk musician.


Dear Bob,

The short answer: Because he’s a BAD-ASS!! Batman, Dracula, Elvis, James Brown and “Macho Man” Randy Savage all are bad-asses!! And its no coincidence they all wear capes.

Your picture pal,
Professor Popcorn




Dear Chuck,

That’s a very good question indeed. I don’t have the most accurate answer since Lucas has forbidden me from coming within 50 yards of the Skywalker Ranch but I do believe the AT-AT Walkers were somehow flown down from the Star Destroyers in some sort of transport module that holds them. Either that or the AT-AT Walkers are like Transformers and can morph from star cruiser to 4-legged armed transport.

Your picture pal,
Professor Popcorn


Have a burning film question for Professor Popcorn? Ask away in the comments section below!

8 thoughts on “Ask Professor Popcorn: Star Wars

  1. Dearest Professor Popcorn,

    It’s ben so long since I’ve seen these but I have never understood or remembered if they addressed that fact the Luke and Leia basically made out and then it turned out they were brother and sister. So, I guess, this is a two-parter. 1) did they ever try and explain that? and B) why was George Lucas trying to make incest “OK”?

    Warmest regards from University,



  2. Dear Professor Popcorn,

    If the Death Star was still under construction, why weren’t there any construction workers, painters or plumbers walking around the joint? And how many Galactic Credits did the Death Star cost to make?

    Your loyal student,
    Chris @ filmhipster


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