True or False Trivia Week: Saw


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Saw (2004)

1) The scene in which Gordon turns off the lights and whispers to Adam was written differently in the script. The characters were to cut open opposite ends of a long pipe with their hacksaws and speak through it. This sequence was actually shot, but later cut because director James Wan decided that the characters being able to cut through a pipe made no sense if they couldn’t cut through their chains.

Saw tricycle


2) During filming, legendary WWF Superstar Hacksaw Jim Duggan stood next to director James Wan at all times and blasted Wan over the head with his trademark 2×4 every time Wan yelled, “Cut!”. By the end of production, Wan could no longer even say the word “cut,” or any other words for that matter, as his head had become one giant, lumpy bruise that would never heal. When the rest of the cast and crew would try to intervene, Duggan blasted them over the head, too, of course. The situation only calmed down when Cary Elwes spent his own money to hire fellow WWF Superstar Haku to come in and beat Duggan senseless with a series of vicious headbutts. In return, Haku was awarded with the part of Amanda, and was allowed to take home the hacksaw used in the film and Cary Elwes’ severed foot. The movie became a huge hit, and remains the most faithful adaptation ever filmed about Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s childhood.

Duggan Haku



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