True or False Trivia Week: Rosemary’s Baby


And also part of The IPC’s DEVIL WEEK!:


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

1) Directed by Roman Polanski, whose pregnant wife actress Sharon Tate was murdered in 1969 by the followers of Charles Manson, who titled their death spree “Helter Skelter” after the 1968 song by The Beatles, one of whose members, John Lennon, would one day live (and in 1980 be murdered) in the Manhattan apartment building called The Dakota – where Rosemary’s Baby had been filmed.


2) The movie’s original ending was to show a full, minute-long shot of the baby. Roman Polanski wanted this shot to be as disturbing to the audience as possible, so he conducted a search for America’s Most Objectionable Baby in a nationwide contest. Polanski oversaw the contest personally, seeing as many as 600 appalling babies a day for 3 months. According to his autobiography, he didn’t sleep more than 15 minutes a night during that time because of constant, vivid nightmares of demon infants eating every inch of his flesh off his bones as he shrieked in agony. Eventually, Polanski gazed upon a newborn so sickening and offensive that he was permanently stricken blind in one eye, while the other eye still bleeds profusely to this day. Polanski brought the child to the set for filming, but when he took off its black cloak and revealed its abominable visage to the cast and crew, several of them died of fright and shock on the spot, while many others ran as far as their legs could carry, and then farther still, but they never outran the madness that would consume them for the rest of their lives. Mia Farrow, the only person present who was seemingly unaffected, suggested that maybe showing the baby wasn’t such a good idea, as it would ensure that the film would never be released outside of Canada. Polanski agreed, and left the baby on the doorstep of a church, which refused to take it in. And that baby’s name was Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts laugh


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