True or False Trivia Week: The Fly


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

The Fly (1986)

1) The infamous cat-monkey scene where Brundlefly fuses a cat and the remaining baboon and then beats it to death with a lead pipe was cut following a Toronto screening. According to producer Stuart Cornfeld the audience felt that there was no turning back for Seth and they lost all sympathy for his plight, which caused the rest of the film to not play as well. In Cornfeld’s own words: “If you beat an animal to death, even a monkey-cat, your audience is not gonna be interested in your problems anymore.”

The Fly Cat-Monkey


2) Director David Cronenberg was having a tough time casting the movie until he bumped into Jeff Goldblum at a Burger King one fateful day. Cronenberg told Goldblum about his new film project, to which a bemused Goldblum replied, “David, I’d be perfect. I’ve been teleporting for years, and I don’t even need a fucking machine.” Obviously, Cronenberg didn’t believe him at first, until Goldblum demonstrated his gift by closing his eyes, putting his hands to his temples, and slowly fading from view. Cronenberg couldn’t believe it, then the cashier informed him that he had a call. He grabbed the Burger King courtesy phone, and was amazed to hear Goldblum on the other end coolly say, “Greetings from Paris.” Before Cronenberg could ask any questions, Goldblum materialized behind him, holding a croissant, which you just couldn’t get in America at the time. However, due to the jarring effects of teleportation, Goldblum vomited all over the French pastry. Cronenberg immediately hired Goldblum, and the Croissan’wich has been a staple on the Burger King menu for decades. 

The Fly vomit



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18 thoughts on “True or False Trivia Week: The Fly

  1. Ha! This is my favorite True or False trivia yet!! I’d say it’s number 2 but I’ve never heard of a croissan’wich. I haven’t been in a U.S. Burger King in years, though. If that’s a real thing, then number 2 is clearly true!

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