Shake the Scene: Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters (1984)

Ghostbusters-Joshua-Budich-Poster-Gallery1988The Scene: The effect of negative reinforcement on ESP ability.

Why I Love This Scene: When I was around 7, I jumped into my dad’s easy chair and broke the footrest part of it. I was probably running from the asshole cat we used to have who was always scratching my legs. What a dickhead. Anyway, dad was pretty steamed about it, and blew his top at me. He was a pretty big dude and I was just a wee lad, so I got pretty upset at the tongue-lashing, and started bawling. I guess he started to feel bad about it, so he sat me down in the chair with him and put his arm around me, and he found Ghostbusters on HBO. It had probably just debuted on there, but my dad had already seen it multiple times, and was quoting along with the movie to help calm me down. It worked, but I don’t think that chair was ever fixed. Dad died last week at age 62 after battling ALS. We never had the closest of bonds, and he projected the image of a tough guy, but that story is evidence of how he had a soft heart deep down, and I’ll always love and miss him. I’ll let you all know if he comes back as a ghost.

24 thoughts on “Shake the Scene: Ghostbusters

  1. Sorry to hear about your dad. For people like us, movies are a way of dealing with this kind of thing.

    One of my favorite Ghostbusters quotes is “We thought you were someone else.”


  2. I am really late here but I am so terribly sorry for your loss. It’s so good that you have such lovely memories though. I am thinking of you.


  3. This is an unforgivably late comment, but what a sweet tribute, Brian. I’m glad that you have such a nice memory about your dad. Maybe it’s more of a bittersweet thing, but I for one like the idea of being able to watch movies and remember people we love. I’m always going to think about my grandma when I watch certain things, and I think it helps to remember good times with them like that. I ❤ you, dude, and I hope you're doing okay.


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