Movie Music Mega Madness: Benny Hill at the Movies



Benny Hill 

It’s not even debatable that Benny Hill is the funniest person ever born on British soil, and The Benny Hill Show still holds up to this day. Even just this picture is hysterical.

Benny Hill press

Benny’s most famous and reliable segment was the yakety sax chase, which was sped-up footage of Benny being chased by various people and groups, becoming more and more absurd, all while a goofy sax number played. 

This segment traditionally closed out each episode, and was literally never not funny. Benny’s slapstick and absurdity are hilarious, but there’s just something about that combination of music and high-speed that’s completely rib-tickling. It can be matched up with anything and be funny every time. So I scoured YouTube (initially for self-waxing tips) and came upon these movie mash-up gems, which I could watch all day and still guffaw at. Enjoy.

15 thoughts on “Movie Music Mega Madness: Benny Hill at the Movies

  1. These were hilarious! Btw – I read your blog over the weekend but didn’t have the energy to log in & comment. So you don’t think I’m just skimming now… 😉


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