Going Forward In Reverse – 2017

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Schlocktoberfest is celebrating its 10th anniversary kiddies!

Isn’t that lovely?

We kinda think so.

Well, here is the first of the last three retrospectives of the years gone by – leading into what is definitely the weirdest October that ever fucking was.

A Copy Of Our Home Game: See if you can name all of the scenes used, and then check your score by reading our past Schlocktoberfests – it should be an easy contest since I’m only talking to 2 people that aren’t us.


Schlocktoberfest II: Electric Boo-galoo

Schlocktoberfest III: The Search for Schlock

Schlocktoberfest IV: The Schlock Master

Schlocktoberfest V: Rock Out with Your Schlock Out

Schlocktoberfest VI: The Schlock Of The Beast

Schlocktoberfest VII: 7th Schlock Of A 7th Schlock

Schlocktoberfest VIII: Bon Apetit

Schlocktoberfest IX: Schlock 9 From Outer Space



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