Shake the Scene: Hook


Hook (1991)

Hook Spanish posterThe Scene: Tossing a f*&@$% baseball on an airplane.

Why I Hate This Scene: Ah Hook, the universally beloved tale that is beloved universally, maximizing the talents of Steven Spielberg, John Williams, Robin Williams (uncle and niece, respectively), Dustin Hoffman, and Dante Basco to their fullest. The movie had loads of potential but turned out to be an enormous mess and is best forgotten by everyone, much like a recent film about superbats or something. So what went so wrong here? Well, Julia Roberts. But further, despite some cool sets and a few decent action scenes everything is just either too weird or too boring or both. Although from what I hear last year’s Pan wasn’t much better and possibly worse. They have made one decent live-action Peter Pan film, though, so you should check that one out above all others, even the not-so-good Disney cartoon. But back to Hook, what I dislike most about it is Peter’s son, Jack, who is an absolute little asshole. He is so irritating and completely unlikable that you pray for Hook to just eviscerate him already. It doesn’t help that the kid playing him is as good an actor as the dead crocodile. I wish they had taken the title of this movie more literally and given that kid the fucking hook. The scene that really bangs my rang is when Peter and family are flying to London. Peter is an absentee dad who is too focused on work so his son resents him for it, which, fine. And Peter also constantly gets on the kid’s ass for being too childish, because you know that Peter used to be an eternal child and he’s not anymore so big moral lesson. So while on the plane, this little bastard is tossing a baseball into the air and thunking it into the ceiling and his dad has the audacity to tell him to stop and the kid takes it as a huge affront to his childish whims. Are you kidding me? What a little jerk! If my daughter was doing that on a plane and I told her to stop and she gave me that attitude she wouldn’t be allowed to see anything baseball- or airplane-related for a decade. And then he bangs on the airplane window with the baseball! Imagine how pissed you’d be if you were sitting behind this turd on the plane. I’m surprised the flight attendants didn’t have him restrained and the pilots didn’t divert the plane to Nazi Germany. And this is the way he acts throughout the whole movie. Until the very end, when he realizes his dad is ok because he’s Peter Pan. What a little maggot burger:

(sorry this clip is in Spanish, it’s all I could find, and you’ll get the gist of it no matter what, and the Spanish makes it funnier)

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