Home Video Alert: The Forest


The Forest (2015)

The ForestNew on home video today is The Forest which tells the story of a woman who falls into a coma in 2014 and awakens five months later and as her husband is driving her home from the hospital she lets out a blood-curdling scream and tells him to pull over and stop and when he does she runs out of the car and up to the edge of some trees screaming “WHAT IS THIS?!?!!” and her husband is like “What this? It’s a forest we have forests now you’ve been asleep a long time” and the woman just can’t believe what she’s seeing and then a helicopter seed floats down from a tree and lands in front of her and she literally pisses herself because she’s never seen anything like this and she can’t stop screaming because there are like a lot of trees even though it’s really kind of a small forest but it doesn’t matter to her because it’s overwhelming and really one tree is too many for her to handle and she touches a tree trunk while screaming and feels the coarseness of the bark and it freaks her out even more and she screams even louder and her husband starts crying and apologizing profusely that he should have warned her that a lot has changed while she’s been asleep and he blames himself and while the woman is screaming she has a flashback to how she ended up in a coma and it was because she was in a horrific accident when her car flipped over 27 times after she hit a branch in the road and she was flung out of the car on the 27th flip and went sailing through the air and landed in the top of a mighty 50-foot oak that coincidentally her husband planted on their 5-month wedding anniversary last year and she realizes that the only way to defeat the forest is to destroy the oak so she screams at her husband to drive her to it so he does like 200 miles per hour down the street but the car hits an acorn in the road and flips so far that it’s still going to this day some say.

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