Too Many Dads!

Here’s something quick and random for today:

I have pretty weird and elaborate dreams most of the time, and a lot of them are presented in movie format, meaning what I’m dreaming about is being watched by me on TV or on a movie screen in my dream, while also participating in it. Hopefully that kind of makes sense.

Anyway, one of these movie dreams that I remember the best and is the most hilarious re-teamed the dynamic duo of Robin Williams and Billy Crystal. Crystal was the biological father of I think it was three children, and he went back to his old house to see them, and Williams was their new stepdad, but the wife kicked Williams out suddenly, and he took some of his stuff and moved into an old abandoned car adjacent to the house.

He didn’t wear pancake makeup and lipstick in my dream, though…

Crystal thought this was his opportunity to swoop back in, but then the wife introduced her new husband, John Goodman, who happened to be a transvestite.

And that’s not the last time I dreamed about this IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!

The part I remember most was the family was getting ready to go out to dinner, and John Goodman was dressed up like an old woman, and the youngest son went out to the abandoned car and gave Robin Williams a churro to eat, which he eagerly accepted and ate ravenously.

That’s why I give out churros to the homeless every Christmas.

Then I’m pretty sure he was dying or dead of starvation just before I woke up. Not long after I thought a funny title for this dream movie would be “Too Many Dads!” Your move, Hollywood.

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