Subject: Back to the Future

We just thought you’d all enjoy this movie-based email exchange we had once (as part of our ongoing “Weird Movie Dream” series):


BRIAN: I had a dream last night that Back to the Future I and II were re-released in theaters with lost footage, and part of that footage was Doc in bed with Jennifer (played by a young Jennifer Aniston for some reason) and she pulled her shirt up and he played with her nipples. This took place in a dark gray Winnebago that was the time machine instead of the Delorean. Marty was outside of it picking up trash. 

BRAD: Man, I really don’t know how to respond to this. Its  equally disturbing and hysterical. Was Marty picking up trash as fuel for the time machine or was he cleaning up the RV park?

BRIAN: I think it was for fuel. I also think Doc tried to show Jennifer his dick. I remember they didn’t end up having sex, Doc felt guilty and stopped.


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