Top 50 Stephen King Movie Adaptations

King Creepshow

This weekend’s release of the remake of IT, which is a remake of IT, which was based on a book by Stephen King, which he stole from an episode of The Hair Bear Bunch, is releasing this weekend. Since it also coincides with King’s 100th birthday what better time to rank the top 50 movies adapted from all 11 of his books and short stories?

50. Dreamcatcher

49. Maximum Overdrive

48. The House at the Top of the Driveway

47. Tarnation Nation

46. Suspicious Stoplight

45. ‘Salems Lot

44. Creepshow 2

43. Night Sweats

42. The Goblin of Portland, Maine, not Portland, Oregon

41. Silver Bullet

40. Lead Bullet

39. This Bullet’s for Frankenstein

38. The Night Flier

37. Graveyard Cemetery

36. The Running Man

35. The Shawshank Redemption 2: Gettin’ Busy

34. Firestarter

33. The Mist

32. The Mist 2: Mist Connections

31. Savage Garden

30. The Goblin of Portland 2: Oregon, This Time

29. The Dead Zone

28. Scream of the Butterfly

27. The Dark Half

26. The Dark Half 2: The Fun Half

25. Misery

24. The Dark Tower

23. The Dark Half of the Dark Tower at The Black House

22. Cujo

21. Children of the Corn

20. Parents of the Potato

19. I Pissed the Bed and Everyone Knows

18. Needful Things

17. Fear of Change

16. Pet Semetary

15. Bang Her in Bangor (Rated XXX)

14. Stand By Me

13. Fear in Freeport, Maine, Not Freeport, Bahamas

12. Thinner

11. Airplane!

10. Christine

9. Carrie

8. Carmine

7. The Green Mile

6. The Purple Foot

5. Computers: Can’t Trust ‘Em

4. This Actually Has Nothing To Do with Maine… Except the Title

3. Monkey Shines

2. The Shawshank Redemption

1. Monkey Shines 2: The Cursed Doors of Shakma

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