Reel Quick: North Shore

Today is the 30th anniversary of one if the top two greatest movies ever made in Hawaii that came out in 1987, North Shore! Please read the definitive review, which is the Arizona surfing champion of North Shore reviews, and stay loose, haole!

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North Shore (1987)


Starring: Matt Adler, Nia Peeples, John Philbin, Gregory Harrison, Laird Hamilton

Synopsis:  Rick Kane is Arizona’s finest surfer, so he parlays his Arizona Surf Contest prize money into his dream of surfing the big waves of the North Shore (of Oahu), but runs afoul of actual ocean surf champion and champion jerk Lance Burkhart, but runs afair of a local girl and a white surfing guru.

Best part(s): Every second of the movie, I honestly can’t pick just one. Here’s a decent compilation of some of the best scenes (spoilers at the end if you haven’t seen it):

Worst part(s): SPOILER: That Rick won’t protest Burkhart cheating at the end drives me nuts. It’s $10,000, you idiot!!

Best line(s): Impossible, but with a gun to my head maybe, “I take champagne, OK?”

Nudity: None, just a lot of bathing suits. Alex’s nipples are highlighted…

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