Villain Madness 2015: Opening Round – Group 4


It’s the most important bracket-related thing happening today: the fourth group of the opening round of Villain Madness 2015! So get off your basketballs and vote, VOTE, VOTE(voting for this round ends March 21 with winners announced Monday! and don’t forget to vote in Group 3 if you haven’t already!)

And now, the Group 2 review!

Prince Humperdinck (57%) gave Commodus (43%) the thumbs down!
Veruca Salt’s (55%) popularity was a bad omen for Damien (45%)!
Anton Chigurh (55%) doesn’t call Leonard Smalls (45%) a friend-o!
Luther (65%) shot Mad Dog Tannen (35%) in the back over a matter of $80!
Margaret White (85%) won her tangle with Mother Gothel (15%)!
  Lord Business (52%) expectorated Gaston (48%)!
Brian Gremlin (84%) held Misquamacus (16%)!
Ed Rooney (60%) housed Dean Wormer (40%) like an animal!




 René Belloq
(Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Dr. Werner Klopek
(The ‘burbs)
Nefarious Archeologist

Evil Plan:
 Find the lost Ark of the Covenant for the Nazis and exploit its power
Evil Surgeon, Possible Satan Worshipper

Evil Plan: 
To murder his neighbors and collect their skulls


 HAL 9000
(2001: A Space Odyssey)
WOPR (a/k/a Joshua)
Faulty Spacecraft Super-Computer

Evil Plan:
To kill the astronauts in order to protect and continue its programmed directives
War Operation Plan Response

Evil Plan:
Programmed to predict possible outcomes of nuclear war no matter what


 Jobe Smith (a/k/a The Lawnmower Man)
(The Lawnmower Man)
Master Control Program’s Second-in-Command

Evil Plan:
To rule over other programs
Cyberspace Maniac

Evil Plan: 
To become pure energy and control every electric system in the world


Dr. Frank N. Furter
(The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
(Superman II)
Transvestite Scientist

Evil Plan: 
To create the ultimate man
Kryptonian Super Villain

Evil Plan:
Destroy the son of Jor-El and dominate Earth 


Francis Buxton
(Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure)
 Dennis Nedry
(Jurassic Park)
Spoiled Rich Snob

Evil Plan:
To steal Pee-Wee’s bicycle
Disgruntled Software Engineer

Evil Plan:
To sell dinosaur embryos to a corporate rival


Max Cady
(Cape Fear)
 Alex Forrest
(Fatal Attraction)
Vengeful Ex-Con

Evil Plan:
To seek revenge against Sam Bowden.
Psychotic Adulterer

Evil Plan:
Just wants to be a part of Dan Gallagher’s life; Not to be ignored.


Harry & Marv (a/k/a The Wet Bandits)
(Home Alone)
 Mickey & Mallory Knox
(Natural Born Killers)
Inept and Dimwitted Criminals

Evil Plan:
To rob the affluent Chicago neighborhoods while the owners are away on holiday
Mass Murderers

Evil Plan:
To rampage across the country


Elle Driver
(Kill Bill)
 Norman Stansfield
(Léon: The Professional)

Evil Plan:
To kill The Bride
Corrupt DEA Agent

Evil Plan: 
To smuggle various narcotics for himself and kill whoever crosses him

19 thoughts on “Villain Madness 2015: Opening Round – Group 4

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  2. I missed this one! I had a migraine. 😦 Screw it – I’ve voted anyway and you’re gonna count my votes as it’s still almost within the deadline in your time zone. Alex Forrest is my hero! 🙂


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