Villain Madness 2015: Group 3 Results!


Group 3 Results!

Patrick Bateman (57%) viddy-widdy-blooky-flooked Alex DeLarge (43%)!
Bill Lumberg (55%)  holed Shooter McGavin (45%) in one!
El Guapo (58%) took Hedley Lamarr’s (42%) froggy!
Ivan Drago (63%) showed no mercy to John Kreese (37%)!
Mr. Babadook (75%) proved the Candyman (25%) can’t!
Werewolf David Kessler (67%) frightened the night out of Jerry Dandrige (33%)!
Lord Voldemort (58%) ripped Gmork (42%) to shreds!
Magneto (67%) kicked Loki’s (33%) Asgard!

Thank you everyone again for voting! Be sure to check out the Group 4 results and the second round of battles beginning Monday!!

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