Villain Madness 2015: Opening Round – Group 3


If you haven’t been voting previously, it’s highly doubtful reading this space will help, all we can do is ask politely. Please, won’t you please vote? (voting for this round ends March 20 with winners announced that very afternoon! and don’t forget to vote for Group 2!)

And now, the evil winners of evil Group 1 of Evil!

Hans Landa (74%) crushed Calvin Candie (26%)!
Walter Peck (56%) sniffed out the fear of Quentin Hapsburg! (44%)!
Sgt. Hartman (63%) put Warden Norton (37%) in the hole!
Gollum (61%) clashed with Calibos (39%)!
Dr. Octopus (58%) ducked the threat of Dr. Jenning (42%)!
  Han (75%) kicked Tong Po (25%) in the box!
Green Goblin Truck (57%) ran over Christine (43%)!
The Wicked Witch of the West (65%) was fairer than The Evil Queen (35%)!





 Alexander DeLarge
(A Clockwork Orange)
Patrick Bateman
(American Psycho)
Violent Hooligan

Evil Plan
: Drink milk, a little of the ‘ol ultra violence, the old in-out, listen to Ludwig Van
Deranged Serial Killer

Evil Plan:
 Kill prostitutes, get a reservation at Dorsia, listen to Huey Lewis & the News


 Shooter McGavin
(Happy Gilmore)
Bill Lumberg
(Office Space)
Cocky Pro-Golfer

Evil Plan:
 Win the pro-golf championship, take Happy Gilmore’s grandma’s house, eat shits for breakfast
Corporate Goon

Evil Plan:
 Crush employees souls, make them work on weekends


Hedley Lamarr
(Blazing Saddles)
 El Guapo
(¡Three Amigos!)
Conniving State Attorney General

Evil Plan:
 To buy up Rock Ridge’s land to build a railroad
Infamous Bandito

Evil Plan:
 Exploit and terrorize the small village of Santa Poco


Ivan Drago
(Rocky IV)
 John Kreese
(The Karate Kid)
Russian Heavyweight Champion

Evil Plan:
 He must break Rocky Balboa
Cobra Kai Sensei

Evil Plan:
 No Mercy


Mr. Babadook
(The Babadook)
Evil Ghostly Entity

Evil Plan:
 To terrorize single mothers
Supernatural Serial Killer

Evil Plan:
To terrorize anyone who summons him


David Kessler
(An American Werewolf in London)
 Jerry Dandrige
(Fright Night)
American Werewolf (in London)

Evil Plan:
To bark at the moon

Evil Plan:
To drink the blood of suburbanites


(The Never-ending Story)
 Lord Voldemort
(The Harry Potter film series)
The Servant of the Power Behind the Nothing

Evil Plan:
To kill young warrior Atreyu
Evil Sorcerer

Evil Plan:
To kill young wizard Harry Potter


(The X-Men film series)
(The Avenger film series)
Mutant Master of Magnetism

Evil Plan: 
To ensure mutant-kind dominates the human race
Asgardian God of Mischief

Evil Plan: 
To harness the power of the Tesseract and subjugate Earth

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