Villain Madness 2015: Opening Round – Group 2


Welcome to the second group of the opening round of the Villain Madness XLV! This year, we’re doing things a little differently as we’ve been taken hostage and need YOUR votes in order to be released! Now, we know that many of you would prefer we stay captive, but ask yourself this: Then how would you get back the money we borrowed to help pay off our various liquor debts? So please, do the right thing and vote, VOTE, VOTE! (voting for this round ends March 19 with winners announced that very afternoon! and don’t forget to vote in yesterday’s group if you haven’t already!)




 Prince Humperdinck
(The Princess Bride)
Emperor Commodus
Evil heir to the throne of Florin

Evil Plan: 
Marry Princess Buttercup, rule Florin
Evil Roman ruler

Evil Plan: 
Destroy Maximus


 Damien Thorn
(The Omen)
Veruca Salt
(Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory)
Son of Satan

Evil Plan: 
World domination
Spoiled brat

Evil Plan: 
Get whatever she wants


Leonard Smalls
(Raising Arizona)
 Anton Chigurh
(No Country For Old Men)
Bounty Hunter

Evil Plan:
Retrieve the lost Arizona Quintuplet
Bounty Hunter

Evil Plan: 
Find Llewelyn Moss and recover lost drug money 


Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen
(Back to the Future Part III)
(The Warriors)
Ruthless Outlaw

Evil Plan:
 To kill Doc Brown
Gang Member

Evil Plan:
No plan; he just likes doing bad things


Margaret White
 Mother Gothel
Psychotic Mother

Evil Plan: 
To abuse and control her daughter Carrie
Conniving Mother

Evil Plan: 
To hold Rapunzel captive and to use her hair for her own vain purposes


(Beauty and the Beast)
 Lord Business/President Business
(The LEGO Movie)
Narcissistic Hunter

Evil Plan: 
Win Belle’s affection; Kill the beast
Ruthless mogul of the Octan Corporation

Evil Plan: 
To freeze the world with the Kragle


Brain Gremlin
(Gremlins 2: The New Batch)
(The Manitou)
Highly Intelligent Gremlin

Evil Plan: 
To lead the Gremlins to civilization
Native American Shaman

Evil Plan: 
Vengeance against white people


Ed Rooney
(Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
 Dean Wormer
(National Lampoon’s Animal House)
Ruthless High School Principal

Evil Plan: 
To get Ferris Bueller
Ruthless Dean of Students

Evil Plan: 
To destroy Delta House

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