Going Forward In Reverse – 2015

Schlocktoberfest is returning to your derelict shopping mall next week! It’ll be another full 31 days of terrible movie fun and terror! In honor of its seventh year, and for the next seven days coincidentally, enjoy a retrospective movie celebrating all of the past Schlocktoberfests. At the end of the week will be the world premiere of the trailer to Schlocktoberfest 7: Seventh Schlock of a Seventh Schlock! Nifty huh? And you thought there wouldn’t be a pay off.

Strap in for a month of killer cars, Video Nasties, Brooke Shields, killer trucks, VHS tapes from upstate New York, and Dennis Hopper with a chainsaw!

A Copy Of Our Home Game: See if you can name all of the scenes used, and then check your score by reading our past Schlocktoberfests – you know if you have that sort of time to spare.


Schlocktoberfest II: Electric Boo-galoo

Schlocktoberfest III: The Search for Schlock

Schlocktoberfest IV: The Schlock Master

Schlocktoberfest V: Rock Out with Your Schlock Out

Schlocktoberfest VI: The Schlock Of The Beast


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