Coming Saturday…

Schlocktoberfest is BACK! It’s a full 31 days of terrible movie fun and terror! This being the 6th annual event, we’re going to give the devil his due with Schlocktoberfest 666: The Schlock of the Beast! Get ready for a month of demons, cults, fire, brimstone, sacrifices, Lucifers, and hot sauce! We hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you in Hell!

Start your descent into the fires of Hades by reading our past Schlocktoberfests! 


Schlocktoberfest II: Electric Boo-galoo

Schlocktoberfest III: The Search for Schlock

Schlocktoberfest IV: The Schlock Master

Schlocktoberfest V: Rock Out with Your Schlock Out


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