True or False Trivia: Aliens


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Aliens (1986)

1) When filming the scene with Newt in the duct, Carrie Henn kept deliberately blowing her scene so she could slide down the vent, which she later called a slide three stories tall. James Cameron finally dissuaded her by saying that if she completed the shot, she could play on it as much as she wanted. She did, and he kept his promise. 

Alien slide


2) The knife trick scene wasn’t initially supposed to be in the film but James Cameron added it after witnessing Lance Henriksen perform the trick on every single member of the cast and crew in between takes, whether they wanted to or not. At first, Henriksen would ask people if they wanted to see a trick, which they happily agreed to, but once word got around that he was stabbing people in the fingers with a stiletto blade, very few wanted to be a part of his trick. In order to trick them into his trick, he enlisted the aid of Carrie Henn, who played Newt. Henn would go up to cast and crew members and adorably ask if she could put a little polish on one of their fingernails for good luck. Nearly everyone complied, and when they placed their hands down on a flat surface so she could apply the nail polish, Henriksen struck out of nowhere, holding their hand down with all of his force and performing his knife trick at greater and greater speeds. This went on for months, and only stopped because filming eventually came to an end. All that time, Henriksen couldn’t be fired because everyone was too frightened of him (he would have a very similar experience during the making of the classic Tales from the Crypt episode “Cutting Cards”). The only one who wasn’t was Henn, who begged to play the knife game with him over and over, completely unflinching, while she drank her unused nail polish. In all, 53 fingers were completely severed (including all of Jenette Goldstein’s), hundreds of hand bones were broken, and the number of cuts was incalculable. This is why for at least 80 percent of the film you never see anyone’s hands in frame except for Newt’s, which she made a point to proudly display onscreen at all times, with perfectly polished nails.               

Aliens knife trick


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