Home Video Alert: Creed; The Danish Girl


Creed (2015)

New on home video today is Creed which is the true story of an up and comer Bulletball player and the old timer champion who’s out-of-his-luck now but wishes he had one more Bulletball shot left in him but nowadays all he does is fish local sewers for loose change or food but he meets this kid who’s got a shot at winning Bulletball but just lacks the tenacity and discipline to be champion but the old-timer knows just how to give him the insight to becoming champ and that’s by falling in love with him and truly showing the kid what it means to be in love and that’s the true key to being a Bulletball champion but the kid isn’t really gay and wants nothing to do with the old man but by some strange fate they bond over the one thing that ties them both together and that’s the music of 90’s Christian hard rock band Creed and through the inspiring tunes and lyrics of Scott Stapp they finally overcome their obstacles and the kid gets the chance of a lifetime to becoming Bulletball champion!

Own it today!


The Danish Girl (2015)

New on home video today is The Danish Girl which is the true story of a young man in the early 20th century who really really really wants to be a pastry chef but his over-bearing old-fashioned father won’t allow him to a pastry chef and won’t give him the money to go to the prestigious culinary school in town so to fool his father and everyone who never gave him the chance he dresses up as a woman and runs a rinky-dink bake sale outside of his only friend’s run-down adult book store to raise the cash for culinary school and at first no one cares to buy or try a donut or eclair but then the young chef says “hey maybe I should try crumb cakes maybe they will sell better” and his friend says “seriously dude crumb cakes won’t sell in this one-horse town what this town needs is inspiration what this town needs is…” and before his friend could finish the sentence they both say in unison “danishes” and they both laugh hard because they aren’t sure if that’s the right word to use or if “danish” is already plural in this instance and after that good hearty laugh the young chef starts making a ton of danish too much in fact and sure they sell some here and there but despite that he just keeps making danish after danish and they’re starting to mold in the adult book store and mold is everywhere and the friend is pretty sure that it’s doing something odd to the “adult novelties” which is making people peculiar and odd but the chef just keeps making danish and the friend is also now worried that the chef is becoming insane by the womens’ make-up and perfume that’s been wearing that he can’t seem to stop making danish and slowly but surely kills himself by shoving danish into every bodily orifice and drowning in a room full of danish and suffocating.

Own it today!

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