Villain Madness 2014: Opening Round – Group 3


Welcome to the third group of the opening round of the second annual Villain Madness Number Two! We’ve assembled the greatest collection of scumbags since the filming of Ghoulies to determine which is the most evil and strangely popular of them all! Robots! Monkeys! Murderers! Caregivers! KISS! We’ve got it all this year! So hump over this hump day and vote, VOTE, VOTE(voting for this round ends March 21 with winners announced that very afternoon! and don’t forget to vote for Group 2!)

And now, the evil winners of evil Group 1 of Evil!

Khan (61%) turned his wrath on Agent Smith (39%)!
Evil (57%) morda-lly wounded Bavmorda! (43%)!
Audrey II (77%) drank C.H.U.D.’s (23%) blood!
The Kurgan (65%) beheaded Darryl Revok (35%)!
Leprechaun (71%) stole Dr. Lizardo’s (29%) gold and life!
  Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (58%) shattered every bone in Elijah Price’s (42%) body!
The Lord of Darkness (95%) slaughtered Maax (5%) like a sick unicorn!
King Ghidorah (68%) proved three heads are better than one against The Beast (32%)!


Click to largerer!




Robotic Officer of the Tactical Operations Research Unit

Evil Plan
: Execute criminals with extreme prejudice
Enforcement Droid Series 209

Evil Plan:
 Clean up Detroit, Annihilate OCP executives.


(Monkey Shines)
Uber-aggressive, door-hating, killer baboon

Evil Plan:
 Break down as many doors as possible; Kill people.
Uber-jealous killer helper monkey

Evil Plan:
 To kill anyone who shows the invalid Alan any affection.


(The Spy Who Loved Me)
(Revenge of the Nerds)
Henchman with metal teeth

Evil Plan:
 To kill James Bond.
Football jock with nerd-hating ‘roid rage

Evil Plan:
 Destroy nerds; win control of the Greek council.


Jack Torrance
(The Shining)
 Norman Bates
Psycho dad who operates a hotel

Evil Plan:
 Effectively run and maintain The Overlook Hotel; Try not to kill family. Write a novel.
Cross-dressing psychopath who operates a motel

Evil Plan:
 Kill any attractive girl who stays at his motel. Taxidermy.


Nurse Mildred Ratched
(One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)
 Annie Wilkes
Nurse with terrible compassion and bedside manner

Evil Plan:
 To make insane people more insane.
Paul Sheldon’s Number One Fan

Evil Plan:
To take care of Paul Sheldon until he finishes his next novel.


 Horace Pinker
Evil, sadistic, killer clown

Evil Plan:
To torment and murder kids.
Serial killer who becomes living electricity and has the power of possession

Evil Plan:
To continue to kill people as an electric entity.


Pamela Voorhees
(Friday the 13th)
Revenge-seeking serial killer/mother

Evil Plan:
To kill camp counselors as revenge for the death of her son.
Serial killer/cinemaphile

Evil Plan:
To kill as many people associated with Syndey Prescott as possible.


Lord Summerisle
(The Wicker Man)
 Abner Devereaux
(KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park)
Pagan cult leader

Evil Plan:
Find a rube human sacrifice for the Wicker Man.
Megalomaniacal robot inventor

Evil Plan:
Steal KISS’ talismans for ultimate power.

18 thoughts on “Villain Madness 2014: Opening Round – Group 3

  1. I voted for R.O.T.O.R. out of {REDACTED}. BTW, turns out that RiffTrax is looking for ideas for movies to riff. I’ve checked and Samurai Cop, Hard Ticket to Hawaii, and R.O.T.O.R. are all candidates, albeit with little votes.


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