Villain Madness 2014: Opening Round – Group 4


Welcome to the fourth group of the opening round of the second annual Villain Madness, now with mad villains! We’ve assembled the greatest collection of scumbags since the Westboro Baptist Church to determine which is the most evil and strangely popular of them all! Nuclear Men! Educators! Bowlers! Talking Bears! Sea Witches! We’ve got it all this year! So put down March Madness bracket and vote, VOTE, VOTE(voting for this round ends March 22 with winners announced Monday! and don’t forget to vote in Group 3 if you haven’t already!)

And now, the dastardly winning crew of Group 2!

Tony Montana (67%) blew away Blofeld (33%)!
John Doe (53%) has sinned against Keyser Söze (47%)!
Gordon Gekko (56%) sold low on Vincent Ludwig (44%)!
Frank Booth (56%) made The Night Slasher (44%) call him “Daddy”!
O-Ren Ishii (76%) placed Yamashita’s (24%) head on her piano!
  Bill “The Butcher” Cutting (82%) carved up Angel Eyes (18%)!
Mama Fratelli (82%) hit purée on Aunty Entity (18%)!
Mr. Blonde (81%) cut off Mr. Joshua’s (19%) ear, but he didn’t feel a thing!


Click it or ticket!



 Lex Luthor
Nuclear Man
(Superman IV:The Quest For Peace)
Greatest criminal mind/real estate mogul

Evil Plan:
 Activate the San Andreas Fault, destroying most of the western coast of the US, thus making him the wealthiest land owner. Destroy Superman.
Nuclear-powered Superman clone

Evil Plan:
Hurt people; destroy Superman.


 Richard Vernon
(The Breakfast Club)
Beulah Balbricker
High school principal/Breakfast Club arch-nemesis/Barry Manilow wardrobe raider

Evil Plan:
Make Saturdays miserable for some high school kids. Take down John Bender.
High school coach/Tallywhacker arch-nemesis

Evil Plan:
Make gym class miserable for high school kids. Take down Tommy Turner.


Ernie “Big Ern” McCracken
 Tim “Dr. Hook” McCracken
(Slap Shot)
Sleazy bowling champion

Evil Plan:
Win the $1,000,000 Winner-Take-All Bowling Championship in Reno, Nevada.
Head coach and chief punk of Syracuse hockey team

Evil Plan:
Defeat Reggie Dunlop and the Charleston Chiefs.


Captain James Hook
(Peter Pan)
 Cruella de Vil
(101 Dalmatians)
Pirate with a hook hand/Lost Boy arch-nemesis

Evil Plan:
Kill Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.
Wicked fashion designer

Evil Plan:
Kidnap Dalmatian puppies for fur coats. 


Sid Phillips
(Toy Story)
 Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear
(Toy Story 3)
Sadistic toy torturer

Evil Plan:
To torture, maim and destroy toys.
Evil toy cult leader

Evil Plan:
To become the all-powerful leader of abandoned toys.


(The Incredibles)
 Lord Farquaad
Super villain

Evil Plan:
To seek revenge against the Incredibles.
Ruthless leader of Dulac

Evil Plan:
To destroy all fairy-tale people of Far Far Away.


(The Lion King)
Evil and jealous lion

Evil Plan:
To become king of the jungle.
Greedy and power-hungry Grand Vizier to the Sultan

Evil Plan:
To marry princess Jasmine and to harness the power of the Genie and become all-powerful.


(The Little Mermaid)
(Sleeping Beauty)
Sea witch

Evil Plan:
To kill King Triton and rule the seas.
Evil sorceress

Evil Plan: 
To kill princess Aurora in 16 years through an elaborate and outrageous curse.

17 thoughts on “Villain Madness 2014: Opening Round – Group 4

  1. The McCrackens was tough. I love Bill Murray, but I think I love old time hockey more.

    Scar and Jafar is a no-brainer. You gotta respect a guy who has healthy ambitions of power, and quite frankly, if I was Jafar, I’d be pissed some homeless shithead came in and stole my thunder after all my service. He’s not a bad guy. He’s been put in a bad spot. BY A HOMELESS KID. Scar, on the other hand… Bro, that’s your nephew! Your flesh and blood! So dastardly. He might be the villainiest of the villains.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I lost all respect for Captain Hook since he got dumbed down for “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”. If you’ve seen the show, what kind of grown man and his cronies go after three orphaned children? You know, for toddlers? Even the gold doubloon thingy has no logic. (If you couldn’t tell, I’ve had to watch this show against my will many a day.)

    Liked by 1 person

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