Villain Madness 2014: Opening Round – Group 2


Welcome to the second group of the opening round of the second annual Villain Madness, now in its second year! We’ve assembled the greatest collection of scumbags since your wedding to determine which is the most evil and strangely popular of them all! Henchmen! Samurai! Mamas! Ricardo Montalban! We’ve got it all this year! So put down the coke straw and vote, VOTE, VOTE! (voting for this round ends March 20 with winners announced that very afternoon! and don’t forget to vote in yesterday’s group if you haven’t already!)

2014 Villain Bracket



 Tony Montana
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
(You Only Live Twice)
Ruthless Miami gangster

Evil Plan:
Get money. Get power. Get women.
Megalomaniacal terrorist leader

Evil Plan:
Kill Bond. Hold entire world for ransom.


 John Doe
Keyser Söze
(The Usual Suspects)
Deranged Serial Killer

Evil Plan:
Teach everyone a lesson about the 7 deadly sins.
Legendary and ruthless crime lord

Evil Plan:
Kill those who wronged him; spin yarns for cops.


Vincent Ludwig
(The Naked Gun)
 Gordon Gekko
(Wall Street)
Evil millionaire

Evil Plan:
Assassinate the Queen of England.
Corporate raider

Evil Plan:
Profit big from insider trading.


Frank Booth
(Blue Velvet)
 The Night Slasher
Sociopathic gangster, drug dealer & pimp

Evil Plan:
 Sexually molest Dorothy Vallens while inhaling laughing gas.
Cult leader/serial killer

Evil Plan:
Create new world order by killing Brigitte Nielsen.


O-Ren Ishii
(Kill Bill)
(Samurai Cop)
Yakuza leader

Evil Plan:
Control underworld crime in Tokyo; defeat The Bride with her katana.
Yakuza henchman

Evil Plan:
Silence failed thugs through bushido; cut off heads and place them on the piano of his boss; defeat Samurai Cop with his katana.


Bill “The Butcher” Cutting
(The Gangs of New York)
 Angel Eyes
(The Good, The Bad and the Ugly)
Sociopathic Butcher/Gang leader

Evil Plan:
Keep the Irish down.
Ruthless Mercenary

Evil Plan:
Recover a hidden treasure cache by any means necessary.


Mama Fratelli
(The Goonies)
 Aunty Entity
(Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome)

Evil Plan:
Beat the Goonies to One-Eyed Willie’s treasure; beat the Goonies.
Ruthless leader of Bartertown

Evil Plan:
Defeat Mad Max and a clan of kids.


Mr. Joshua
(Lethal Weapon)
 Mr. Blonde
(Reservoir Dogs)
Henchman who is impervious to pain

Evil Plan:
Help out with heroin shipments; kill cops.
Diamond thief

Evil Plan:
Steal diamonds; shoot innocent people; cut off the ears of cops.

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