Parental Guidance Suggestion: Ralph Breaks the Internet


Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Synopsis: Ralph, Vanellope and the rest of the personified video game crew is back and this time Ralph and Vanellope venture into the inter webs to try to save Vanellope’s video game. Their odyssey is more than they bargained for as it tests and challenges them and their friendship.

Would you be able to sit through it?: Absolutely! Truth be told I have not really seen the first one, Wreck-It Ralph (I’ve heard the whole thing as I my kids watched it in the car as I drove to vacation a few summers back), but it’s easy to watch and my kids loved it and me and the missus also enjoyed ourselves.

Any scary/violent parts?: Vanellope longs for a better, more intense, or challenging racing game than her original Sugar Rush video game and while in the internet, she and Ralph race in a homage/spoof of Twisted Metal called Slaughter Race which is more PG than G but nothing too intense for the little ‘uns. The finale has a large monster that they need to defeat that potentially could be a tad too much for the wee ones perhaps but my 6-year-old was fine.

Anything that will screw up your kid’s head?: The kiddos may get a false sense of how “easy” or “safe” the world wide web could be since all the apps, sites, etc. are cute little personifications. My kids may know what eBay is but I really don’t want them thinking they can drastically over-bid for some Kinder Surprise Eggs or Shopkins or some shit because Ralph and Vanellope easily fixed that issue.

Also, they watch enough shit on Youtube and whatever already and there’s a huge sub-plot about Ralph becoming a popular vine or meme or something-or-other sensation to raise money and the less iPad exposure the better for me. I really don’t want to monitor them more so than I already do.

Any lessons to be learned?: This is where the film really shines actually. For the first time (that I can think of) is the theme of loss and letting go of things, in this case friends. Vanellope really longs for a better game to be a part of and is getting quite sick of the same ol’, same ol’ in her and Ralph’s lives. Ralph is more than content doing the same monotonous thing day-to-day but Vanellope wants to spread her wings. Not to spoil the ending but Ralph has to accept the reality that he can’t hold on to his best friend forever and has to learn that true friendships are not about possession. On the way home from the theatre we had a good chat with my kids about losing friends due to moving away, growing apart or making new friends. I was pleasantly surprised that the film ended the way it did.

Recommended age: 5. This is definitely fine for kids of all ages. Helps if they know a tiny bit about the internet and famous apps and sites but I don’t think it’s that necessary.

Overall: I remember thinking that this was a hilarious movie but after a few days I can’t recall any liners or really funny sight gags. But I know we all enjoyed it. I’m not putting its down at all but it’s strange that I can’t remember any of the funny bits that didn’t involve references or Easter eggs or other Disney-owned properties. The Disney princesses chatting with Vanellope, complaining about all the common Disney princess-themed tropes and cliches. Baby Groot having a Q&A where of course every answer is “I am Groot.” This movie played more like a spoof comedy at times poking fun at other Disney movies, social media and the internet. Like I said, I haven’t seen the first Ralph so I’m not sure if that one was having a lot of fun at video games expense. 

Anyway, this was ten times more smarter, funnier and more entertaining than the fucking awful Emoji Movie.

Score: 9 Open SesamBEES! (out of 10)

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