Parental Guidance Suggestion: Wreck-It Ralph

If you have a kid, you’re going to have to sit through a lot of crappy movies with them. This is a column from a dad’s perspective on whether you’ll be able to stand watching a movie without fashioning a noose or not, and if your child will try to stab you after it’s over.

Wreck-It Ralph

Would you be able to sit through it?: Definitely. It’s really more aimed at parents as a nostalgia trip. It’s very entertaining and it’s fun picking out the subtle and not-so-subtle old-school video game references and characters. My wife and I watched this without our 3-year-old daughter because I had some concerns about the level of violence in it.

Any scary/violent parts?: The Cybugs could be pretty scary for little ones, and the ending puts Ralph and Venellope in a lot of danger. There’s a ton of shooting guns at Cybugs. A little much for a 3-year-old.

Anything that will screw up your kid’s head?: There’s a lot of talk about death, killing and even execution. Tough things to explain to a little kid. Also, they may want to hit stuff with a hammer to “fix” it.

Any lessons to be learned?: Be true to the person you want to be.

Recommended age: I’d say about 7. Although the Sugar Rush parts are really cute and would be right up a toddler’s alley, there’s probably just a little too much violence for them.

Rent it, buy it or avoid it?: If your kid is 7 or above I say buy it. It’s worth repeated viewings if you don’t mind Sarah Silverman’s voice.

14 thoughts on “Parental Guidance Suggestion: Wreck-It Ralph

  1. LOL theipc zinger! I don’t have nor want kids but get enough brats on buses. Kids aren’t the problem dumb ass parents that bring up rude morons are. Anyway good change of pace for doing a review. Us older farts will like it a lot.


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