2016 Apecademy Awards Nominations!



The 2016 Apecademy Awards nominations (of the Planet of the Apes) have been announced! Here are the fortunate nominees in the major ape categories:


Bridge of Apes
Macaque Max: Furry Jungle
The Revvin’ Ape
The Marsimian
The Big Banana Shortage
Baboon Room


Gorilla Milla – Macaque Max: Furry Jungle
Adam MonKay – The Big Banana Shortage
Lenny Aperahamson – Baboon Room
Apejandro Gorillález Iñáperritu – The Revvin’ Ape
Tamarin Macaquethy- Shakmalight


Eddie Redass – The Danish Gorilla
Micape Bananabender – Simian Jobs
Bryape Chimpston – Trumbonobo
Matt Damonkey – The Marsimian
Leonardo The Aperio – The Revvin’ Ape


Brie Larsimian – Baboon Room
Chimplotte Chimpling – 45 Bananas
Ape Blanchimp – Carol, the Sexually Liberated Orangutan
Saoirsimian Ronape – Ook-ooklyn
Jennifer Lemurence – Joyngle


Mark Ruffalemur – Shakmalight
Simianster Stababoon – Screech
Tamarin Hardape – The Revvin’ Ape
Marmoset Rylancelotlink – Bridge of Apes
Christiape Bale – The Big Banana Shortage


Rachimp Macaquedams – Shakmalight
Babooney Marape – Carol, the Sexually Liberated Orangutan
Jennifer Japeson Lemur – The Apeful Ape
Ape Winslet – Simian Jobs
Apelicia Vikapeder – The Danish Gorilla

14 thoughts on “2016 Apecademy Awards Nominations!

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  2. Truly a fight for Top Banana this year. My vote goes to . . . hmmm. . . . . 1) The Revvin’ Ape (Best pic), 2) Apejandro . . . wow that’s a mouthful (best director); 3) Leonardo de Aprio (actor); 4) Saoirsiminan Ronape (actress); 5) Tamarin Hardape (supporting actor, although I really want Marmoset b/c I’m trying to picture what a bridge of apes would look like); 6) Ape Winslet (supporting actress)


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