Villain Madness 2015: CHAMPIONSHIP!


If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Villain Madness over the years, it’s that Tim Curry absolutely cannot be stopped. Can Sgt. Hartman finally be the one to derail the Curry train? Which one of these transgender genetic scientists will be crowned champion? That’s for YOU to decide, so vote, VOTE, VOTE! (voting ends April 6!)

And now, the official Frightful Four results:

Sgt. Hartman (65%) gave Ed Rooney (35%) the day off!
Dr. Frank N. Furter (59%) had a much better business card than Patrick Bateman (41%)!

Once again, thank again you again everyone again for again voting again!





 Gunnery Sgt. Hartman
(Full Metal Jacket)
Dr. Frank N. Furter
(The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Sadistic Marine Drill Sergeant Transvestite Scientist

11 thoughts on “Villain Madness 2015: CHAMPIONSHIP!

  1. I guess this would help if I had ever seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Buuuuuut…..I have no interest in doing that. So guess what my vote was


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  3. I also have never seen Rocky Horror and have absolutely no desire to do so, so my vote was kinda default. Still, these were not the two I was expecting in the end. Good stuff though! Them was a lotta villains. 🙂


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