The Ten WORST Mutants in the X-Men Movie Franchise

In honor of the upcoming X-Men movie—Days of Future Past, which also marks a return to the franchise by Bryan Singer, we here came up with a short list of movie mutants that have either useless mutant powers (on screen; perhaps in the comics they have better examples of their abilities) or are downright ridiculous.

In order from bad to worst:

#10: Psylocke

PsylockePerfect example of changing the character from the awesome comics power to the lame movie version. In my research I just discovered that Psylocke was actually in The Last Stand. I don’t even remember this girl to be honest and I sure as hell don’t recall her mutant power which according to Wikipedia: “A mutant with the ability to teleport herself through areas of shadow.” So she’s basically useless in the outdoors/sunlight.

#9: Angel

x-men3_26He basically just has huge bird wings and can fly. How is that really useful in a huge fight with other, more powerful mutants? Now, If they change him like the comics into the bad-ass Archangel in the upcoming Apocalypse than that would be the shit.


#8: Toad

artcI never liked Toad, even in the comics. As a member of a group or team of mutants he kinda works I supposed but he was drastically altered to be more Toad-like for the first X-Men film. The spit power he had was good but I don’t get how it hardened on Jean Grey’s face like it did. And I have a hard time believing a tongue is as strong as his was in the film.

#7: John Wraith

JohnWraith-XMOWsfThis was Will.I.Am’s character, which was basically another type of Nightcrawler. Now Nightcrawler easily fits on a top ten BEST mutants list but this is Will.I.Am and he sucks hard at acting and really REALLY didn’t deserve to be in any film let alone an X-Men movie. 



#6: Deadpool

X-WolverineDeadpoolButchered to hell by the makers of the beyond awful X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. Not that Deadpool is awesome in the comics (although I’m sure he has a huge fan-base; but let’s be honest, he was a rip-off of Deathstroke the Terminator in DC). He may have worked with the sass-mouth of Ryan Reynolds but once they made him into that mutant gimp with the blades coming out of his arms he became a laughing stock of the X-Men mutant movieverse.

#5: Viper

1792767In the comics, this villain is basically a very normal human assassin that likes to use toxins and poisons to harm her foes. Very simple and lame indeed. In The Wolverine, she’s literally a snake woman that molts her own skin and can harm a foe with toxins but in the film she has to actually get up to the person and kiss them. Nice try!

#4: Kid Omega

MV5BMjA3NTM1MzEyMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDgyMDMzMQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_Another close proximity fighting mutant but this guy ejects (not shoots) sharp spikes or quills out of his skin, even his face. Meaning he would have to jump on an opponent or be hugging them to do any real damage. Next!



#3: The Blob

tumblr_maj60wPbYz1rw2uyvo4_400In the comics, The Blob has his advantages in a fight but mostly defensive. His huge mass is immovable and virtually indestructible by bullets, bombs and even Wolverine’s claws. I believe he was always this size and shape or at the very least since his origin. In the movies he was a slim guy with indestructible skin that after years of letting himself go became a huge fat man. Anyway, he’s slow and cumbersome and despite the tough skin, Wolverine beats him up (in a boxing match—X-Men Origins: Wolverine sucks hard!) To make matters even more embarrassing for the character and the makers of this steamy turd of a film, he’s drinking a huge slurpie drink and wearing a shirt that says “Save the Whales.” Does anyone have a mutant power to stop me from laughing so hard that I may die? No? 

#2: Phat

Movie phatPlease do not think we’re picking on the fat guys but another large girthed mutant that has the ability to change his shape from a large stout man to a skinny dude. There’s a quick scene in The Last Stand that has this huge man go to sit down in a tight seat between two fellas and as he sits down he alters himself to a skinny guy and sits comfortably next to them. I don’t think you see this guy ever again in the film. OK then…

#1: Name Unknown (Some nerdy looking kid that can change the TV channels with his eyes)

JonesI have zero clue who this kid is or supposed to be in the comics. I did some research and I see the names Blink and Jones in reference to this character. However, in the comics, Blink is a girl and has the power of teleportation. I can’t find any reference to a mutant in Marvel comics called simply ‘Jones.’ At any rate, he’s the lamest mutant in the X-Men movieverse because it seems to we the audience that he is a walking, talking universal remote control. One can argue that he is an electropath and can control electronics. Sure, but then why does he keep blinking his eyes then? Other than being annoying, it implies that he has to blink his eyes to make the electronic work or move. Can he make a toaster lightly brown a bagel? Would he need to continually blink his eyes to make that happen? Maybe his eyes emit infra-red light, kinda like a very very weak Cyclops. Maybe he was planned to have a greater role or power in the movie but we can only go by what we see and what we saw was some nerdy kid blink to channel surf. He was only there to be the first victim of Stryker’s assault on the Xavier Mansion. Basically he was an X-Men Red Shirt. Couldn’t they just have had a more popular mutant like Sunfire or Longshot have that cameo instead?


15 thoughts on “The Ten WORST Mutants in the X-Men Movie Franchise

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  3. Psylocke’s power was not to teleport….it was telepathy. She was later able to actually form psionic blades and use them in combat…she was pretty BA. Actually took on Sabretooth by herself which earned her a spot in the X-men.

    But yea the movies have destroyed many a good character. Look at Rogue….she eventually absorbed Captain Marvel and killed him but was given his strength, invulnerability, and flight.


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