Movie Music Mega Madness: Annie and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Tim Curry Double-Feature)



In honor of Mr. Curry kicking ass in our latest Villain Madness tournament, we’re taking a break today to feature two musicals which feature one of our favorite villainy actors being bad to the bone as well as singing like a bird!

Annie (1982)

Ah! The good ‘ol 80s. When a kid’s movie that was rated PG back in 1982 would now be considered at least PG-13. Grease has more sexual innuendo then Last Tango in Paris and is loved by all ages. Re-watching Annie today also raises my adult eyebrows with it’s risque dancing, flashes of legs with thigh-high stockings and lines like “You want to smoochy my little coochie” in the Sign song. I watched this musical a ton of times as a wee lad and never even picked up on any of that sort of stuff. Even the old Muppet movies had a touch of “adult-only” humor. Man, they don’t make movies like that anymore and it pisses me off. Like I said, to my virgin ears it was more than harmless to my folks who not only got the jokes and meanings but were content in knowing that I didn’t get it either. And I was never smart enough to ask the awkward questions, like “what’s a coochie?” I probably thought she meant lips, since that’s all I knew was usually kissed.

Anyway, Here’s Easy Street featuring the legendary Bernadette Peters, Carol Burnett and Tim Curry:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

I used to work at a movie theatre back in the 90’s that had this gem playing every Friday night at midnight. When I was a teenager working there I knew of the movie but not so much of the reputation and cult following and never even cared to see it. After seeing the group of “freaks” that came to see it every damn Friday night I was repelled away from seeing it even more. I eventually warmed up to the group after a long time of working at the theatre and eventually would peek in to watch some of the classic and over time ended up seeing the whole thing and found it to be a great funny and wacky piece of work. And especially seeing it with the crowd of mega-fans in the theatre with them dressing up and throwing stuff at the screen like they famously do. Its great fun. I highly recommend it. It’s fun for the whole family!

Plus it gave us the world a most precious gift, that of one mage-talented Tim Curry in probably his most iconic role. Here’s his most famous song Sweet Transvestite:

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