Shake the Scene: Amazon Women on the Moon


Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)

amazon-women-on-the-moon-movie-poster-1987-1020195402The Scene: Everything goes wrong for Arsenio Hall, just like in real life.

Why I Love This Scene: Buster Keaton. Charlie Chaplin. Harold Lloyd. Laurel and Hardy. The Three Stooges. Arsenio Hall. These are the greatest slapstick actors who ever lived, but in this clip, Arsenio outshines them all. Amazon Women on the Moon was sort of like the Movie 43 of the late ’80s with a lot of semi-well-known actors of the day appearing in outrageous sketches, but Amazon Women on the Moon actually has some funny scenes. This one in particular was always my favorite, aside from the sketches with boobs in them. I just love the look on Arsenio’s face after he opens the can, his reaction to the bad sandwich, the VHS tape, the TV, the ending, pretty much all of it. Amazon Women on the Moon isn’t quite as good as Kentucky Fried Movie, but it has enough hits to make up for the misses, plus Joe Dante and John Landis were involved with it, so if you like absurd sketches with cursing and nudity, or are simply an Arsenio Hall enthusiast, give it a try.

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