Shake the Scene: Rocky V


Rocky V (1990)

Rocky VThe Scene: STREET FIGHT!

Why This Scene Is Ridiculous: In recognition of Tommy Morrison’s untimely death, here is the final fight scene of the unbelievably bad Rocky V. It’s ridiculous, hokey, and nobody actually wanted to see Rocky fighting in the street, especially against such a crappy character (should have been like Drago’s brother or something), but there’s an appearance by Ghost Mickey and Tommy’s mullet is pretty remarkable.

6 thoughts on “Shake the Scene: Rocky V

  1. I don’t mind Rocky V lol. I used to be a big Morrison fan. The only white heavyweight at the time with a decent chance. Than I learned what a hateful bigot he was. Still feel bad he died.

    My favorite Tommy fight was Razor Rudduck. Razor stunned Tommy or maybe Tommy was fooling him. Razor ran in for the kill and bam Tommy with that massive left hook took Razor out


      • My cousin liked Schulz. I knew Tommy before that so I remained loyal. Evander Holyfield is my all time favorite fighter though.

        But I was a huge Morrison fan any televised fight I always watched. PPV not so much. Only really big fights if even then.

        When Tommy came back a few years ago I no longer rooted for him. That’s when I heard all the racist remarks. I used to have a show on blogtalkradio.

        Tommy was on a show acting like a complete dick. I was tempted to call in, but didn’t want any blowback coming to my show so I didn’t bother and turned off the interview


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