Ask Professor Popcorn: Gremlins




Dear Peachy,

Oh Yes, the three cardinal rules of Gremlins. I know them very well. The feeding rule about never feeding them after midnight is the third and MOST important rule which transforms the little furry cute Mogwai into very dangerous Gremlins. In the film, the rule is vague, and shame on Mr. Peltzer and his son Billy for not questioning the rule on when exactly is the right feeding time for the Mogwai. How do you receive vital information like that without asking, well, WHEN is the right time so I don’t screw up my new exotic pet? That old Chinese man scolds Billy for not being  responsible with Gizmo but truth be told the old man and his son never were explicit enough in the first place. But I’m rambling on. To answer your question, one may feed a Mogwai starting at 6:27 AM Mountain time.

Your picture pal,
Professor Popcorn


Dear Charlie,

You did notice correctly; that Stripe walks on snow, which is technically wet. And yes some Gremlins were seen drinking beverages. While this looks like a flaw or gaff with the plot it actually is not. Whenever a Mogwai or Gremlin are seen multiplying on screen the new breeds or “batch” form as blisters on the subjects’ back. So technically a Mogwai/Gremlin has to get wet on his back. The first time we see Gizmo get wet, it is on his back. Same goes for the two times we see Stripe get wet (dives in the pool and sits in a water fountain). Now before you ask, “Professor, is it just water that makes a Mogwai multiply?” I will hypothesize that anything water-based can and will make a Mogwai multiply. I cannot prove this since all the known Mogwai are extinct now but based on the facts I have gathered on them, the Mogwai will start a new breed with any substance that is water-based. That goes for soda pop, beer, soy sauce, shampoos and water-based lubricants. (Although if you’re using personal lubricants around mogwai, you have bigger problems than fending off a deadly gremlin.)

Your picture pal,
Professor Popcorn


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15 thoughts on “Ask Professor Popcorn: Gremlins

  1. Dear Mr. Popcorn,

    I’ve read that the original script was a lot darker, gremlins ate puppies, severed heads and gremlins eating humans in a McDonalds. Don’t you think this would have been a better direction rather than the softcore version we see today?



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