Schlocktoberfest XI – Day 18: Leprechaun In the Hood



Leprechaun In the Hood (2000)


*Spoilers Throughout*

Leprechaun in the Hood posterWhat’s This About:
The Leprechaun has returned from space and is now in the hood.

Here are some of my observations as I watched the film:

  • Ice-T and his 70s stereotype friend find the Leprechaun and his pot o gold in the subway. Not cleverly hidden at all so no reason no one else would have found it.

  • Leprechaun makes a “Free at last” speech. That’s not so good.

  • He defeats the Leprechaun by somehow flipping his magic necklace in the air and it lands on the Leprechaun trapping the Leprechaun so the Leprechaun is a Leprechaun statue of a Leprechaun once more.

  • There’s a shitty hip hop group who wants to send a positive message. Do they have a song called “Stop doing Schlocktoberfest”?

  • Now Ice-T is like a pimp record mogul or something? And he only wants the hardcore shit. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  • Ice-T rejects the group, so they decide to steal the Leprechaun’s necklace, which is on display with the Leprechaun’s stone body in Ice-T’s office. Because they can’t just steal any necklace. Or anything else with monetary value.

  • Oh, Postmaster P accidentally shoots Ice-T dead.

  • How would the Leprechaun know who Tiger Woods is?

  • Oh, Ice-T’s own gaudy necklace saved him.

  • The Leprechaun is the drizzling shits at limericks.

leprechaun in the hood weed

  • Find me gold and find it quick; or you’ll be suckin’ me tiny prick

  • Why would douche on a heating pad be flammable?

  • I dozed off for about 15 minutes. Apparently the Leprechaun was trapped in a safe and now he’s not.

  • The Leprechaun makes one band member whose name I don’t recall shoot himself in the face.

  • Leprechaun is collecting women, for some reason.

  • This movie was released without much hype; it’s full of racial stereotypes

  • So Post and Butch decide to try to trick the Leprechaun with a joint laced with 4-leaf clover. They dress up like hookers because apparently he’s a pimp now.


  • Hear me know and hear me well; Schlocktoberfest has become my hell

  • Ice-T comes back to shoot Butch and help Post kill the Leprechaun, but Post shoots him dead for real this time.
  • Oh no he lives. For a minute. The Leprechaun rips his stomach out or something and the necklace flies up. We fade to black and Post is now rapping at an Applebee’s, and the Leprechaun is alive, then he raps at the Applebee’s, then we all die tonight.


Final Thoughts: Not quite the absolute disaster that was Leprechaun IN SPACE but not good at all. It’s kind of amazing that Ice-T is even in this, since I seriously doubt they had much money to give him. As you can see above I barely had anything to write about because nothing interesting happened at all. AT ALL! I used to like Halloween.

Score: 1.5 Pots o’ Shit (out of 10)

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