Schlocktoberfest X – Day 20: Night of the Demons 2

Night of the Demons 2 (1994)


*Spoilers Throughout*

What’s This About:
 If you saw the original Night of the Demons, then you pretty much saw this one. 

Here are some of my observations as I watched the film:

  • This flick better have nudity.
  • Old creepy house. Check. 
  • Same house as Night of the Demons 1? Fuck if I remember. 
  • Was this the same evil chick from the first one? Fuck if I remember. 
  • She’s got black eyes. Like a dolls eyes. 
  • She killed two door-to-door evangelicals. Good for her. 
  • Already some T&A! Yes!
  • But it’s undercut with two peeping toms in their tightie-whities. 
  • Hey! Christine Taylor! Mrs. Ben Stiller. Weird seeing her here. Usually I see her in only a Ben Stiller movie.
  • Not gonna lie, some cute babes in this flick. 
  • So Angela, the villain from the first film, is this meek girl in this catholic school, nicknamed Mouse’s, sister. Angela visits her in a dream and rips Mouse’s lips off her face. How’s that for a family reunion?

I don’t have to get naked do I? OK, I’ll do it but just once.

  • So is this a Catholic boarding school? Do they exist?
  • The sexual tension between the head priest and head nun is so thick you can cut it with a yard stick.
  • So this movie is also doing the whole high school kids throwing a Halloween party at Angela’s house bit? Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
  • “A kiss is a sin, when it’s an upper persuasion for a lower invasion.” That’s great.
  • Yeah, Shirley, explain to the class what fellatio is? Enlighten us.
  • This male nerd reminds me of JJ Abrams mixed with Billy Jacoby.
  • “Look at those headlights. They really brighten my day.” “That’s what I call double trouble.” “That’s the kind of trouble I like to get my hands on.” Fellas, fellas cool it. I can smell the desperate hormones from here.
  • Is there only one nun in this whole school? And one priest?
  • The nerd kid thinks he can conduct demonic experiments. I’m sure he’ll come of some use later. And then win the girl in the end.
  • Is he trying to summon demons or expel them? What’s his plan here?
  • Hahaha. The reason he reminds me of Billy Jacoby is because he’s the brother of Billy Jacoby!
  • I don’t think that telling the priest that you summoned a demon at the catholic school is going to give you the reaction you wanted Perry.
  • Shirley is a total slut and I love it.
  • Random girl walks into frame topless in a bath towel and just walks out of frame. Imagine getting hired for a movie with no speaking role but you have to walk around showing your tits? Crazy world we live in.
  • Christine Taylor in a lace bra. Nice.

Ben Stiller? It nearly killed her!

  • Wait. So why does Shirley want Mouse to come along to their party? She knows Mouse is Angela’s sister but does she think that fact is going to make a party at Hull house better? I highly doubt she thinks she can use Moue to summon her demon sister and if so, why would she want that?
  • The hand-down map to get to Hull House (aka Angela’s house) is more or less useless.

  • Kinda shocked a catholic school is throwing a Halloween party.
  • PlayPEN magazine?!
  • “I’m currently enrolled in the school of hard knockers. I’m pretty much into the entire student body.”
  • Great day for night shot of Angela’s house.
  • It’s a Halloween party yet no one but Mouse is dressed up. And calling what Mouse is wearing a costume is a bit of a stretch.
  • They just leave Mouse in the car. Probably for the best, Mouse is kinda a killjoy.
  • How the fuck is there working electricity in this abandoned house?
  • Near constant lightning and thunder is distracting and obviously fake. Why do horror films still do it?
  • “This party sucks!” Dude it’s been 5 minutes since you got here.
  • Is that the same lipstick as the infamous Linnea Quigley scene from the first movie?
  • 10 minutes after getting to Hull house and Johnny and Bibi are already getting busy.
  • Bibi has nice boobies.
  • Mouse is still in the car. Praying. I think she’s the only true Catholic in this whole school.
  • She’s scared and runs inside by some douchebag naked Z-boy dressed as a werewolf. Where he came from is unknown.
  • Bibi says thinks that fucking in a bed with black sheets in a derelict house that’s supposedly haunted “romantic.”
  • This is the second flick this month that has something happen in a toilet that frightens someone.
  • Angela French kisses Z-boy and he starts howling like a dog. She then fucks him while the other kids leave. They never cared to look for him.

He was once a Z-Boy and now he’s a Z-Man.

  • This is the lamest Halloween dance ever. Even by Catholic school standards.
  • Perry tells sister Gloria that he thinks Shirley, Terri and Bibi and the guys went to Hull house to perform a demonic ritual since his book of demonology is missing. Well they failed in that endeavor.
  • Shirley asks Rick if he wants to come up for some tricks or treats and he responds “Sure, I’ll come up for a little stinky treat.”
  • I’m really liking Rick.
  • Why did they decide to make the lipstick so integral to both movies? Kinda a weird object to make demonic right?
  • After Shirley tries to use it, it attacks her and she drops it. While Shirley is unable to open the bathroom door for some inexplicable reason, a long worm-like creature crawls out of the lipstick case and enters Shirley’s vagina.
  • Then Angela appears out of smoke that came out of the empty lipstick case and kisses her. They both go downstairs to the dance party and dance lewdly for the crowd.

  • Angela is pretty much just an evil Elvira. At least in the way she’s dressed. Still want to motorboat them both.
  • Is this Cannibal Corpse?!
  • Perry goes over to Johnny and Bibi and asks them “Where you guys been? What’s going on here?” Dude, didn’t you already know they went to Hull house and suspect they were up to no good demon shenanigans? Put two and two together numbnuts.
  • Awesome! Shirley rips off her top and covers her bare breasts. She goes over to Rick and invites him to grab them. When he does, her tits turn into hands and grabs him.
  • Rick’s soul is well beyond saving sister.
  • There’s now a montage of Sister Gloria suiting up like a Rambo flick. Perry too is gearing up with holy water filled water balloons and super soakers.

  • While Kurt and Terri are making out in a van, Angela’s hand comes out of the seat between Kurt’s crotch and starts to jerk him off. He thinks it’s Terri.
  • When they try to flee Angela she asks him, “How’s about a little head?” And then she cuts off his head.
  • The priest is in bed reading Catcher in the Rye? Maybe he’s planning on killing Ringo.
  • Hahaha. As the camera was dollying forward to Mouse and Angela talking on the bed, the camera must’ve hit the bed because the camera suddenly shook.
  • Terri tried to attack Bibi but Sister Gloria and Perry managed to make her drink holy water and she’s alright again. She was a demon for maybe 3 minutes. (and we never see her again)
  • Hahaha. Sister Gloria is still using her yardstick as a weapon against demons.
  • OK back to Hull house. Again.
  • You dare call Hull house a portal to hell? Johnny almost popped his cherry upstairs!
  • Father doesn’t notice or care that Rick is a demon when his face is clearly a demon face.
  • Wait. How did Rick get back here? Did he drive?
  • He stabs father in the belly and then Perry pops a water balloon on his face and it completely melts off. However, points off for still hearing him scream in agony.
  • Johnny finds Kurt outside playing basketball with his own severed head as the ball. It’s kinda amusing but his head shouldn’t be that bouncy and the makeup effects for the headless body could be better.

Tim Headaway for the lay-up!

  • There’s Z-boy. He wacks Perry in the noogin with a nail-studded baseball bat. Before he dies, he begs Johnny to dose the wound with holy water.
  • It didn’t work. Guess you didn’t get the girl after all Perry.
  • Sister Gloria is attacking Z-boy with what can only be described as Rosary nunchucks.
  • Oh man, Angela decapitated Sister Gloria. I was just beginning to like her.
  • Oh wait, she was able to put back on her own head. Huh? She claims faith strengthens her. Kinda dumb.
  • Hey wasn’t Shirley a demon too? Whatever happened to her?
  • Sister Gloria then swaps places with Mouse, who was on an altar about to be sacrificed for some reason. Angela commands her to kill Gloria but she stabs Angela instead and then Gloria shoots Angela with holy water from a uzi water gun.
  • Kinda anti-climatic.
  • Angela is now a giant snake-like demon. I’m sure this is just due to special effect limitations but Angela snake is slow as hell.

  • Good job Mouse that was very helpful how you rolled yourself into Angela like that.
  • Johnny kicks open a window in such a way that the light beams on Angela in a crucifix pattern and she blows up.
  • Kinda anti-climatic.
  • Still waiting for the final zinger from Shirley.
  • Nope. Just some other student picking up the goddamned lipstick case and a horrible CGI pink snake flies toward the screen and we cut to black.


Was it Entertaining: Yes! Finally I watched something that I actually enjoyed and wasn’t too bored by.

Any Good Gore: Absolutely! Decapitations, face melting, lips ripped off faces! A little something for everyone.

Any Nudity: Chock full o’ boobies!

Best Quote: Practically anything that comes out of Rick’s mouth is great. The ‘Stinky Treat’ quote was great but I didn’t mention he said: “Smells like Godzilla’s butthole…”

Best Scene: You mean one without nudity? Actually the tit grabbing scene was one for the books.

Worst Scene: It’s too bad the finale was lackluster because the rest of the flick was great. It’s always the finales that are lame. 

Final Thoughts: I vaguely remember the first Night of the Demons when Brian and I watched it 6 years ago but I remember it was fun yet dumb but had memorable moments, decent scares and loads of gratuitous nudity. Likewise, this one is basically on par with that one. Still dumb but fun and decently made. Perfect schlock entertainment for a good time around Halloween. I would recommend this.

Score: 7 Rosary Nunchucks (out of ten)

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