Schlocktoberfest 666 – Day 25: The Devil’s Bride


The Devil’s Bride (1968)


*Spoilers Throughout*

devils-bride-the-aka-the-devil-rides-out-1968What’s It About: Two friends discover that another friend is meddling with the forces of evil and try to thwart him and the rest of the satanists from summoning evil forces.

Here are some of my observations as I watched the film:

  • Hammer films and Christopher Lee satanic flick, take two. Hopefully this one won’t be such a terrible dud like To the Devil a Daughter.
  • Screenplay by Richard Matheson. OK now we’re talking.
  • Directed by Terence Fisher. Right on. 
  • So a Hammer flick directed by Fisher, written by Matheson and starring Christopher Lee. If this one sucks, I’m quitting this website forever!
  • It must be the tits to be able to arrive somewhere in a bi-plane that you piloted yourself.
  • Had Christopher Lee ever made a non-genre picture? I guess The Man With the Golden Gun counts but that’s a stretch. But he certainly could’ve won more accolades and awards if he did more dramas. The man was content with horror and fantasy I suppose. And that’s perfectly fine with me.
  • Is that old lady cross-eyed? Is that on purpose?
  • Scaramanga meets Blofeld!
  • The way this shot is framed, plus Lee’s stature and height, makes this actress look incredibly tiny.


  • This is one happening shindig. Where’s the keg Simon?
  • “YOU FOOL! I’d rather see you dead than to meddle with black magick!”
  • “It means Simon here is playing the most dangerous game known to mankind.”
  • Kinda shocked that Lee isn’t the black magician in this tale. Taking a break from evil-doing for once.
  • “[Evil]…is a living force that can be tapped at any given moment in the night.” Just ask Dr. Loomis.
  • So the chickens that Simon had were the sacrifices to Satan? Does that make Colonel Sanders a devil worshipper? Would explain the 11 herbs and spices.
  • So they just casually break back in to Simon’s house? You would think Satanists would have better security. Especially when they kidnapped Simon and then Simon escaped them to return.
  • Why are they not calling the authorities? Why is Lee and his friend Rex doing this all by themselves?
  • Why does Lee know so much about Satanists? Unless the twist is that he is a satanist too.
  • Holy Harriet Tubman! Some sort of “devil” materializes from smoke from the floor over a goat image and it just so happens to be a black man with lazy eyes in a red diaper.


  • This rear-projection is horrid. Why couldn’t they just film them driving? It’s just two people chatting in the car; it’s not a chase or stunt that requires complicated camera work. They’re on a country road too.
  • So Rex is charged with protecting the young lady from the party, Tanith, from the cult. He’s driving her to his friends’ house for a picnic. Upon arriving he gets out to greet his friends’ young daughter and Tanith, still in the car, drives off and in a hurry. Maybe if you were more chivalrous and opened the car door for her this wouldn’t have happened Rex.
  • Now there’s an old-timer car chase. This would be exciting if the top speed wasn’t 35 MPH.
  • I’m not sure when this movie is supposed to take place. Every vehicle is old-timer. (Editor: 1929)
  • This orgy isn’t as rowdy or debauchery-filled as the other one Lee was involved in.
  • Blofeld actually summoned a goat-headed devil. He’s just sitting on a rock though. Moments later Rex throws a crucifix at it and it disappears. Seriously?!


  • Blofeld sits and chats with the picnic lady from earlier, Marie, and tries to reason with her in giving up Simon and Tanith to him. After she refused he uses his power of suggestion and mind control to persuade her. Why didn’t he just start with the hypnosis and save us all from the unnecessary exposition?
  • Ah jeez he’s explaining his power of hypnosis to her as she’s hypnotized and this is going on for way too long.
  • Hahaha. The spell is broken when young daughter, Peggy, barges in and he is kindly asked to leave and he complies. Oh those kooky Brits.
  • This film is alternatively titled: The Devil Rides Out and I’m not quite sure what the hell that means. Especially when they already defeated the devil and he didn’t ride out, he just sort of sat on a rock. I can easily understand The Devil’s Bride since they are using Tanith for Satanic purposes.
  • So Rex and Tanith are hiding out from the cult and Blofeld Mocata and as a precaution they agree to bound up Tanith’s arms and legs. But she wakes up and hypnotizes Rex and he unties her. Maybe they should’ve blindfolded her too, hmm, maybe?
  • Hahaha. Lee just called his other friend, Rick, the weakest link. Goodbye!
  • Well that was tense scene of nothingness.
  • This “giant” tarantula bit is quite comical. Unintentionally of course.


  • This Angel of Death on a horse is cool and all but reminds me of the knight charging through the kid’s room in Time Bandits.
  • So we get an actual devil-man manifested on Earth in the middle of the film but now we’re having a sorcerer’s duel with giant spiders and ghost riders? This film is backwards in my opinion. Mocata should’ve tried to hypnotize Marie before the devil appeared. It’s like this movie is trying to tell us that Mocata is more powerful than the devil himself. Lee too since he has the same power as well. It’s a ballsy move and it better deliver by the finale is all I’m saying.
  • This film is too bright. I feel like every scene is set during the day. 
  • Again, I know this is moot, but why are they fighting the forces of evil by themselves? Not one of these characters are thinking of calling a constable?
  • So Lee acknowledges Jesus as lord and savior yet he’s skilled and knowledgeable in the dark arts? How does this make sense? 
  • If this film is going to have this much talking it should at the very least create a better and eerie atmosphere, which if does not.
  • So her cryptic description lead them to mocata’s house where Rex was earlier in the film. Why didn’t they just try that place in the first place?! Did Lee really need to hypnotize his friend to get that info?
  • This set looks awfully familiar. Oh shit is this from Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror?! (Not according to IMDb.)
  • I’m actually very shocked Marlon Brando never played a Satanic priest. In a movie I mean.
  • So the spirit of Tanith is possessing Marie and she interrupts the sacrifice of Peggy. The whole cult just watches as she takes Peggy over to the side of the altar and asks her to repeat an incantation. No one tries to stop this from happening and after the words are spoken, lightning strikes the altar and starts a fire and kills the Satanists. If only they didn’t just stare at them with their thumbs up their own asses then this wouldn’t have happened.
  • Now time is reversed? How convenient for everyone. Goodbye!

Scare Level: I seriously don’t know why we keep asking ourselves this question. No, like every other flick we watch during Schlocktoberfest, it wasn’t scary in the least.

Gore Level: Even though Hammer is known for not being stingy with karo syrup and red dye, this one was weak on the gore department.

Nudity Level: We never get to see Tanith’s tan tits. (I’m so so sorry for that but I couldn’t resist) 

Best Line: “YOU FOOL! I’d rather see you dead than to meddle with black magick!”  Another memorable Christopher Lee quotes.


Best Scene: The scene where Lee has the group in a black magick circle and trying to protect them from the giant spider and the Angel of Death. Sure it was hokey and the effects were terribly outdated, it was still neato to see Lee play against type as a good wizard and fight supernatural forces. I just wish it was done better in a more technical way.

Worst Scene: The ending was incredibly weak when a possessed Marie rescue’s her daughter and none of the Satanists do anything to stop it. They all just watch. I can understand if Tanith possessed someone from the cult and the cultists thought they could trust him/her but there’s zero reason for them to just stand there. Especially Mocata.

Level of Hell: This is actually not a bad one to sit through. Sure it was Hammer “old-style” and the pacing wasn’t up to snuff and had a weak atmosphere, considering what else I sat through, this one is a masterpiece. 


Overall: I can’t give this movie too much praise because it really wasn’t worth it but like I said considering the other pieces of satanic garbage I watched this was easily the most entertaining and fun ones. It never reached an adequate creepy or threatening tone enough for a scary movie though and that I think is what’s stopping this movie from having rewatchability. This movie acted more like an action/spy movie with Lee and Gray having superpowers or with supernatural abilities and Lee trying to save a damsel in distress in ways James Bond would than say witch-hunters would, in my opinion. And it was way too bright and colorful to be a supernatural horror movie and the villains weren’t menacing enough. Plus it has a Devil appear midway through and quickly defeated by a lobbed crucifix diminishing any decent satanic element and the rest is Charles Gray performing illusions. Still it wasn’t so-bad-its-good laughable either so it gets a pass as a decent flick. This is the type of movie that should be remade because of advancement of effects and cinematography. Out of the 9 other pictures I watched so far this month I would recommend this one. So that’s something.

Score: 7.77 Demonic Lazy Eyed Africans in Red Diapers (out of 10)

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