Home Video Alert: I Saw the Light


I Saw the Light (2016)

I Saw the Light blu-rayNew on home video today is I Saw the Light which is a feature-length reenactment of how Todd Rundgren came up with the title of that song by the same name and it was because one day he and his girlfriend were shopping for lamps and couldn’t find anything they liked in the lamp store so they left and were pretty bummed out because they’d really been looking forward to getting a new lamp for their living room because the southwest corner of it was just a too dark and needed some illumination especially since there was a really nice painting hanging there that a fan painted of Todd’s face and Todd got a lot of fan art but that one was by far the best he’d seen and his girlfriend thought it was very charming too so they really wanted to show it off but that corner was just a little too dark so they went to the lamp store but you heard that part already but on the way back home from the lamp store Todd took a detour into a neighborhood he didn’t generally drive through but he wanted to think a little bit more about where another store that sells lamps would be and as it happened they drove by a house that was having a garage sale and Todd’s girlfriend always loved to go to garage sales so they stopped and most of the stuff for sale was pretty shitty except of course for one lamp that matched the colors in the painting almost perfectly so Todd and his girlfriend were pretty excited with their find and even paid full tag price which was 75 cents so they raced home and put the lamp in the corner and it looked great especially the way it made the eyes of the painting kind of shine and they were very happy and it inspired Todd to write a song about the lamp and he called it “I Saw the Lamp” and his girlfriend didn’t think that title was so great so she suggested “I Saw the Light” and Todd agreed that that was better and it turned out to be a big hit for him and they had that lamp for years until it broke in a move.

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