Movie Music Mega Madness: Fast Times at Ridgemont High



Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)


I really don’t need to tell you how good and funny a movie like Fast Times at Ridgemont High is. It’s probably the best coming-of-age high school comedy of all time. It has a great balance of heart, teen angst and awkwardness to tickle your funny bone to last generations.

I first saw this movie erroneously in fact edited for regular TV. It was years later until I finally saw it in all it’s glorious R-rated glory. Sure it still was funny but I missed a lot of key parts. And by “key” I mean Cates. I always had a extreme crush on Phoebe Cates since Gremlins. She was cute as hell and seemed so sweet from what I can imagine a 7-year-old could imagine of the ladies. Girl-next-door type with a very soothing voice. Kinda like a gentler Jennifer Connelly; both very attractive but Connelly was such a tough chick in Labyrinth and really had a bad attitude towards her brother that Phoebe seemed nicer, ya know?

Well all this changed once I saw the unedited Fast Times and the pool scene came on. Not only is she stunning in a bikini but she opens up her top revealing her very nice boobies. Add enticement to erection, she calls my name and says she always though I was cute. I’m in my late-30s and I still blush to this scene. I always though Phoebe Cates was a “good-girl” because of Gremlins and Drop Dead Fred but now I realize she was really open about her image with other movies with nude scenes like Paradise and Private School. I never saw those movies but I will seek them out soon.

One of my favorite rock groups growing up was The Cars and their use of “Moving in Stereo” from their incredible debut album just makes Phoebe’s breasts…err…I mean strut towards Judge Reinhold all the more awesome.

*NSFW version of the clip:

Phoebe Cates hasn’t made a movie since 2001! More evidence of a cruel and unjust world.





16 thoughts on “Movie Music Mega Madness: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

  1. I watched Private School a couple of years ago. It’s extremely dated, sexist in that typically 80’s way, and has LOADS of boobs. You’ll love it. 😉 I only remember Paradise as being a total rip off of The Blue Lagoon. But I think Cates was naked a lot…

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