Villain Madness 2016: 90s Results!


90s Results!

Catherine Trammell (67%) leg-crushed Xenia Onatopp (33%)!
Simon Phoenix and Castor Troy tied, so in a coin flip Face/Off the winner is: Castor Troy!
Howard Payne and Tyler Durden also tied, so in a Tybreaker, the winner is: Tyler Durden!
The Velociraptors and Edgar the Bug also also tied, so in a Jurassic coin flip the winner is: the Raptors!
Tommy DeVito (75%) made a little man out of Big Boy Caprice (25%)!
General Hummel (67%) outlasted action zero Benedict (33%)!
The Penguin (67%) wasn’t afraid of Oogie Boogie (33%)!
Sheriff of Nottingham (58%) mauled Darth Maul (42%)!

Thank you everyone again for voting! There’s still time to vote in the 2000s group. What you want is results and that’s what we’re gonna give you we’re gonna give you the results (and the first wave of the second round of matchups) on Monday!!

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