Villain Madness 2016: Opening Round – Group 4: The 2000s


It’s the most important bracket-related thing happening today: the 2000s group of the opening round of Villain Madness 2000+16! So get off your basketballs and vote, VOTE, VOTE(voting for this round ends March 19 with winners announced Monday! And don’t forget to vote in 90s group if you haven’t already!)

And now, we give you the 80s results!

Roy Stalin (56%) used sexual confusion to defeat Greg Tolan (44%)!
Stan Gable (90%) showed Kent (10%) who the real genius is!
Roy Batty (90%) outlasted Xur (10%) in a starfight!
Vigo the Carpathian (70%) knows the connection between the Elf (30%) and losing!
David and Paulie tied, so the winner via coin flipped by a corpse that seems alive: Paulie!
Jabba the Hutt (70%) showed Dynamo (30%) dickless!
Rosseter Hannigan (70%) wrote a death dirge for Anotnio Salieri (30%)!
Bull Hurley (60%) ruined Curtis’s (40%) bloody birthday!




(Batman Begins)
A corrupt psychopharmacologist of Arkham Asylum

Evil Plan:
 To poison Gotham City’s water supply with fear-inducing toxins.
Criminal Mastermind; Serial Killer

Evil Plan: 
To test subjects with elaborate deadly devices to see if they value their lives.


Randall Boggs
(Monsters, Inc.)
“Cloverfield” Monster
Inventor of the Scream Extractor

Evil Plan:
To use the Scream Extractor to power Monstropolis.
Alien Creature

Evil Plan: 
Destroy anything in its path.


(The Lord of the Rings series)
 Draco Malfoy
(Harry Potter series)
Powerful Evil Wizard

Evil Plan:
To assist Lord Sauron and rule Middle-Earth.
Bratty Child Wizard

Evil Plan: 
To hurt Harry Potter and anyone else he deems lesser than him.


Le Chiffre
(Casino Royale)
 Captain Hector Barbossa
(The Pirates of the Caribbean series)
 Financier of international terrorism

Evil Plan: 
To win a high-stakes poker tournament to recoup lost millions to QUANTUM. Kill James Bond.
Captain of the Black Pearl

Evil Plan:
To break the Aztec curse and bring an end to Jack Sparrow


Kim Jong-Il
(Team America: World Police)
 Frank Costello
(The Departed)
North Korean dictator

Evil Plan: 
To detonate a series of bombs throughout the world, reducing every nation to a Third World country.
Boston Crime Boss

Evil Plan:


Daniel Plainview
(There Will Be Blood)
 J. Jonah Jameson
(Spider-Man series)
Oil Tychoon

Evil Plan:
To get stinking rich from crude oil.
Newspaper Editor-in-Chief

Evil Plan: 
To ruin Spider-Man’s life and bring him to justice.


Gogo Yubari
(Kill Bill)
(The X-Men series)
O-Ren Ishii’s Bodyguard.

Evil Plan:
To protect and serve O-Ren Ishii.
Mutant Master of Disguise.

Evil Plan:
To serve Magneto and to ensure mutant-kind dominates the human race.


Stuntman Mike McKay
(Death Proof)
 Detective Alonzo Harris
(Training Day)
Serial Killer

Evil Plan:
To kill women with his “death proof” car.
Corrupt Narcotics Detective

Evil Plan: 
To pay back the Russian mafia by any means necessary.

7 thoughts on “Villain Madness 2016: Opening Round – Group 4: The 2000s

  1. I’m doing better in this fucking bracket than my actual March Madness one. Busted on the first day hahaha, what a loser I am. Good thing I’ve got Villain Madness going for me.


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