Villain Madness 2016: Opening Round – Group 3: The 90s


Today’s group brings us to the decade of grunge music, Bill Clinton, CD players, Operation Desert Storm, Woodstocks ’94 and ’99, fanny packs, Tamagotchi, pogs, boy bands, Beanie Babies, and Friends. So it was a pretty lousy decade, overall. But that shouldn’t prevent you from voting in our ’90s round and proving that one or two ’90s movie villains weren’t that lame! (voting for this round ends March 19 with winners announced that very afternoon! and don’t forget to vote for Group 2!)

And now, the groovy winners of that ’70s group:

Dr. Phibes (55%) swan-songed Swan (45%)!
Taunting French Guard (80%) horrified Colonel Kurtz (44%)!
Nosferatu (64%) attacked & dined on Blackenstein (36%)!
Virgin “The Turk” Sollozzo (70%) found it difficult but not impossible to eliminate Hyman Roth (30%)!
Apollo Creed (55%) short-circuited Mechagodzilla (45%)!
  Scorpio (55%) shot down The Gunslinger (45%)!
Ash and Greedo tied, so in a sci-fi coin flip, the winner is Ash!
The Cannibalistic Savage Family (55%) made the Rapist Hillbillies (45%) squeal like pigs!





 Catherine Trammell
(Basic Instinct)
Xenia Onotopp
Novelist, Femme Fatale

Evil Plan
: Fuck some poor guy and then kill him.
Janus Operative, Femme Fatale

Evil Plan:
 Kill some poor guy while fucking him.


 Simon Phoenix
(Demolition Man)
Castor Troy
Cryogenically Frozen Terrorist

Evil Plan:
 Lead a group of Cryo-cons to kill a resistance group in the future.
Terrorist and Homicidal Psychopath

Evil Plan:
 Mayhem; kill FBI agent Sean Archer and his family.


Howard Payne
 Tyler Durden
(Fight Club)
Mad Bomber

Evil Plan:
 To extort $3.7 million from the city of LA or he will blow up a bus.
Leader of Fight Club/Project Mayhem

Evil Plan:
 To erase debt by destroying buildings that contain credit card companies’ records.


(Jurassic Park)
 Edgar The Bug
(Men in Black)
Cunning Dinosaurs

Evil Plan:
 Make humankind extinct.
Extraterrestrial Insect

Evil Plan:
 To kidnap the Galaxy and use it to destroy the Arquillians.


Tommy DeVito
Alphonse “Big Boy” Caprice
(Dick Tracy)
Hot-tempered Mobster; Not a clown

Evil Plan:
Become a made man by any means possible.
Crime Boss

Evil Plan:
To eliminate Dick Tracy and rule the city with his mobster cronies.


(Last Action Hero)
 General Francis X. Hummel
(The Rock)

Evil Plan:
To use the magic theatre ticket to transport to any film he wishes for personal gain.
Disgruntled Military General

Evil Plan:
To extort $100 million from the US government to compensate ex-soldiers and their families.


The Penguin
(Batman Returns)
 Oogie Boogie
 (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Criminal mastermind of Gotham City with a fish-eating addiction.

Evil Plan:
To kill all first-born sons of Gotham.
Bogeyman of Halloween Town with a gambling addiction.

Evil Plan:
To play a game with Santa Claus’ life at stake.


The Sheriff of Nottingham
(Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)
 Darth Maul
(Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)
Sheriff of Nottingham; surrogate leader of England

Evil Plan: 
To rule England while King Richard is away.
Sith Lord

Evil Plan: 
To serve Darth Sidious and kill Jedi.

11 thoughts on “Villain Madness 2016: Opening Round – Group 3: The 90s

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  2. i would always like to discuss about General Hummel being a ‘Villain’ he never wants to hurt anyone, wants the government to pay for the people who gave their lives for their country. on the other side couple of big names missing with Agent Smith, T-1000 and Ghostface, but might have missed the post about how you selected.

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