Villain Madness 2016: Opening Round – Group 2: The 80s


Welcome to the opening round of Villain Madness: Battle of the Century! This year, we’re breaking these dastardly evildoers up into their respective decades to see which decade is the most decadiest! So please, go through the motions even though this is probably rigged and vote, VOTE, VOTE! (voting for this round ends March 17 with winners announced that very afternoon!)




 Roy Stalin
(Better Off Dead)
Greg Tolan
(Just One of the Guys)
Captain of the Ski Team; Bully

Evil Plan: 
Stop Lane Myer from winning back his ex-girlfriend Beth
Bodybuilder; Bully

Evil Plan:
Become Prom King; beat up Rick Morehouse for stealing his girlfriend Deborah.


 Stan Gable
(Revenge of the Nerds)
(Real Genius)
Alpha Beta Star Quarterback and Head of the Greek Council

Evil Plan: 
To eliminate all nerds from Adams College.
Professor Hathaway’s Chief Lackey

Evil Plan: 
To make Professor Hathaway happy and be in charge of the laser project.


Roy Batty
(Blade Runner)
(The Last Starfighter)
Renegade Android

Evil Plan: 
Demands more life to live longer.
Sadistic Leader of the Ko-Dan Armada

Evil Plan: 
Invade Rylos and rule the star system.


Vigo the Carpathian
(Ghostbusters II)
 Nazi Elf
Spirit of a sixteenth-century tyrant

Evil Plan:
 To possess a child to return to life.
Part human/Part Elf Nazi hybrid

Evil Plan: 
To conquer the world.


(The Lost Boys)
(Weekend at Bernie’s)
Teenaged Vampire

Evil Plan: 
To sleep all day; party all night; never grow old; never die.

Evil Plan: 
To kill Bernie; as well as Larry Wilson and Richard Parker. 


(The Running Man)
 Jabba the Hutt
(Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi)
Running Man Opera-singing Stalker with Electrical Powers

Evil Plan: 
To kill Ben Richards and other Runners.
Ruthless gangster of Tatooine

Evil Plan: 
To keep the frozen in carbonite Han Solo in his den.


Daniel “Rooster” Hannigan
 Antonio Salieri
Sleazy Con-man

Evil Plan: 
To impersonate Annie’s parents to gain the reward money from Oliver Warbucks.
Jealous Composer

Evil Plan: 
To trick Mozart into writing a successful piece of music, kill him upon completion and steal the work for himself.


Curtis Taylor
(Bloody Birthday)
 Bull Hurley
(Over the Top)
Sadistic Child Serial Killer 

Evil Plan: 
To indiscriminately kill people for fun.
Truck Driver; Professional Arm Wrestler

Evil Plan: 
To drive trucks, break arms and arm wrestle.

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