Villain Madness 2016: Opening Round – Group 1: The 70s


Welcome to the opening round of Villain Madness: Battle of the Century! This year, we’re breaking these dastardly evildoers up into their respective decades to see which decade is the most decadiest! So please, go through the motions even though this is probably rigged and vote, VOTE, VOTE! (voting for this round ends March 16 with winners announced that very afternoon!)





 Dr. Anton Phibes
(The Abominable Dr. Phibes)
(Phantom of the Paradise)
Mad Doctor

Evil Plan: 
Seeks revenge on the nine doctors he considers responsible for his wife’s death
Evil Record Tycoon

Evil Plan: 
Consume the souls of talented musicians to stay young.


 Colonel Walter E. Kurtz
(Apocalypse Now)
Taunting French Guard
(Monty Python and the Quest For the Holy Grail)
Insane Renegade Military Officer

Evil Plan: 
To command his own army
Medieval Jerk

Evil Plan: 
To tease and annoy King Arthur and his knights


(Nosferatu the Vampyre)
African-American Monster

Evil Plan: 
To kill and devour helpless victims.

Evil Plan: 
To win the heart of Lucy Harker; Drink the blood of victims for survival.


Hyman Roth
(The Godfather Part II)
 Virgil “The Turk” Sollozzo
(The Godfather)
Jewish Mobster

Evil Plan:
Eliminate the Corleone Family and become a successful casino owner.
Drug Lord

Evil Plan: 
Eliminate the Corleone Family and become a successful narcotics tycoon.


(Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla)
 Apollo Creed
Mechanical Godzilla

Evil Plan: 
Destroy Godzilla
Heavy Weight Champion; The Count of Monte Fisto

Evil Plan: 
To defend his title; beat Rocky Balboa.


(Dirty Harry)
 The Gunslinger
Sadistic Serial Killer

Evil Plan:
To extort $100,000 from the city of San Francisco or murder a bunch of citizens.
Malfunctioned Android gun fighter

Evil Plan: 
To stalk and kill guests at Delos Amusement Park.


(Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope)
Bounty Hunter (who shoots second)

Evil Plan: 
Kill Han Solo
Android Science Officer of the Nostromo

Evil Plan: 
To protect and return the Alien to the Weyland-Yutani Corp. and kill anyone who gets in his way.


Cannibalistic Savage Family
(The Hills Have Eyes)
 Rapist Hillbillies
Cannibalistic Savage Family

Evil Plan: 
Hunt and eat travelers in the Nevada Desert.
Hostile Mountain Men who don’t take kindly to strangers 

Evil Plan:
Rape strangers

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