Hard Ticket to Heaven: Vanity (1959-2016) and George Gaynes (1917-2016)


Vanity (1959-2016)
George Gaynes (1917-2016)


It was sad and strange to see that Hollywood stars Vanity and George Gaynes died on the same day as their careers were virtually mirror images of each other. 

George GaynesGeorge Gaynes shot to fame as the exotic love interest of Prince in the mid-’80s. He oozed so much sex appeal that he was personally chosen to lead a musical group called The Hookers, which was later changed to Vanity 6 for some reason. Gaynes and the group had a couple of small hits, including “Nasty Girl” and “Drive Me Wild.” Gaynes was set to star opposite his lover Prince in Purple Rain, but dropped out due to tensions between the two and the dissolution of their sexual relationship. Gaynes did land role in schlock classics Never Too Young to Die and The Last Dragon, earning him a place of honor on this humble site. Who can forget his memorable turn as Danja in Never Too Young to Die, especially the scene in which his spy agency boss, Carruthers, has revealed himself to be supervillain Velvet Von Ragnar the entire time, and Danja just simply doesn’t understand what’s going on. Classic. 

VanityVanity was best known as Punky Brewster’s father and for getting a blowjob during a speech to the police academy. 






May they rest in peace.

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