Villain Madness: CHAMPIONSHIP


THIS IS IT! 64 villains enter, one villain leaves! Who’s it gonna be? That’s up to YOU! The Frightful 4 matchups were close, and the outcomes were surprising!

Velvet Von Ragnar (59%) poisoned Bruce’s (41%) water supply!
Jason Voorhees (56%) hunted down Predator (44%)!

We all knew it would come down to this: Velvet Von Ragnar vs. Jason Voorhees! Classic enemies who will battle it out for the title of greatest villain of all time!


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1. Velvet Von Ragnar (Never Too Young to Die)

Hermaphrodite leader of a homeless army and master of disguise.


2. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

Mentally challenged serial killer.

What more needs to be said? One of these two titans of terror will reign supreme! This is the most important decision of your life, so don’t take it lightly and VOTE!

13 thoughts on “Villain Madness: CHAMPIONSHIP

  1. If there is ANY justice in this universe JASON will prevail and Lo Pan will NOT come strike you down from beyond the grave!!!!


  2. The best and most satisfying aspect of this whole competition is a mere week or so ago most of you had never even knew about Velvet Von Ragnar and now he’s winning contests and winning hearts!


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