You Dumb Kid: Fletch



Fletch (1985)

fletchMe and my goofy friends first discovered the Chevy Chase classic, Fletch and its sequel, Fletch Lives) right before we started college. Good thing that we did because it’s not only one of the funniest 80s comedies ever made but on a few occasions it actually saved my life. But that’s a story for another time.

My college roommate was a funny guy and most times he was a blast to hang out with. We shared a lot in common especially when it came to movies, music and chicks. But those close quarters of a 11’X14′ room could really bring out some tempers. And when it came to this particular fella he really got my goat. I won’t go into how many times we bickered over stupid shit but I have to say he was wrong on so many things that I wish the internet wasn’t so much in its infancy that we could’ve looked up facts so I can prove to him that he was wrong so many times. But back to Fletch.

There is a scene early in the film where Alan Stanwyk, played by Tim Matheson, propositions Fletch to come over to his house and pay him for a favor. Inside the house, Stanwyk’s Hispanic housekeeper greets them and says “Buenos dias.” Stanwyk replies in kind and Fletch being the smart-ass that he so famously is, says…

My roommate thought he said “Fuckin’ Taco.” I thought he said “Up & Taco.” I knew in my heart of hearts that my roommate was dead wrong because A. it was too vulgar in such a scene and B. it was too racist and C. it made absolutely zero sense. My theory of “Up & Taco” was because it was a semi-racist play on the “Up and At ’em” phrase because it was the morning. Again, not the best theory but at least it made more sense and it was clever and funny as well (at least in my opinion). We only had the film on VHS so there was no subtitle option like on a DVD and the internet and imdb couldn’t help back then either. 

Years go by and this petty argument went away. So did the friendship unfortunately. Lives moved on. Lives changed and matured. We both have our own families, responsibilities and children to look after. 

But SUCK IT STEVE! You’re wrong, you stooge! You were so adamant about it being “Fuckin’ Taco” you little prick that you made such a big deal about it and without any proof or reasoning like mine for my theory, you just declared that I was wrong. Well hotshot we’re both wrong but at least I had a better theory.

Thanks to DVD technology and my odd memory for such crap in remembering this pivotal squabble from 1997, I finally know what Fletch actually says. PUP ‘N’ TACO.


Apparently Pup ‘N’ Taco was a fast food chain on the west coast that sold not just hamburgers, hot dogs BUT tacos as well! Had we known about such an establishment our stupid dispute would’ve never had happened. Oh well. Que sera sera. Thinking about it now “Fuckin’ Taco” is actually way funnier.

Dammit. Now I want a taco and a hot dog!


7 thoughts on “You Dumb Kid: Fletch

  1. Haha! SUCK IT STEVE! I also wish the Internet had been around when I was younger so I could prove to people that they were idiots. But, well, you were still wrong. So… Yeah. Suck it anyway, Steve! 😉 (I’ve never seen Fletch)

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  2. Fuck you Steve!! Every day truly is a school day on this site.

    Stumbled accross Hard Ticket to Hawaii (and the Triple B series) yesterday. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!

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