Shake the Scene: Arthur


Arthur (1981)

215px-ArthurDVDThe Scene: Hobson highlights 

Why I Love These Scenes: I didn’t discover the beauty of Arthur until college but it’s one of those rare romantic comedies that you can’t help but love immensely. It has a very funny drunk in Dudley Moore but the show-stealer in this film is Arthur’s cranky and wise valet Hobson played by Sir John Gielgud.

This had had to be the first time I’ve seen Gielgud in a film. I’ve seen him in a few other films since but he was always a supporting actor or only in the film sparingly. In Arthur he was witty and had some of the better lines at least to rival Arthur’s drunken quips. But more so, Hobson was more of a father to Arthur with matter-of-fact honesty and intelligent life lessons to bestow onto the impish Arthur. Gielgud won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as Hobson and very deservedly so. 




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