Shake the Scene: Caddyshack


Caddyshack (1980)

CaddyshackThe Scene: Doodie in the pool!

Why We Love This Scene: With the 4th of July weekend now behind us, summer has officially begun! It will continue two weeks until July 20th, after which we will all go back to Old Man Winter grinding our bones into snow! But in the meantime, let’s all enjoy the beautiful warm weather with barbecues, golf outings, and pool fun! And who among us hasn’t been alone in a pool, relaxing with our thoughts, then felt the urge to defecate, but no urge to leave the pool? Caddyshack captured this commonly shared moment perfectly, and ensured a lifetime of sales for Baby Ruth candy bars. This scene gets kind of overlooked sometimes due to the brilliance of Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, and Ted Knight in the rest of the picture.

By the way, what is that girl’s problem? Why did she just throw a candy bar that wasn’t hers into the pool? When the other woman sadly says, “Thanks a lot…” the girl just gives her a “fuck you” shrug. Who does that?    

Harold Ramis did a phenomenal job spoofing Jaws in this scene, and Carl Spackler eating it at the end was a comedy masterstroke. But although it wasn’t actually a turd, after floating in the chlorinated pool for a while, it still probably tasted like shit.


8 thoughts on “Shake the Scene: Caddyshack

  1. I went swimming saturday, tried to fart and shit in the pool. My in-laws weren’t too pleased. Especially since it was #3.


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